Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Upcoming Book Blitz: Lolita by Rubina Ramesh

Dear Reviewers,

We are organizing a book blitz of #Lolita by Rubina Ramesh. This Book Blitz is organized by The Book Club and will run from 25th June to 27th June.  You can check out if you have signed up and your schedule HERE.

Name of the Book: Lolita
Author: Rubina Ramesh
No. of Pages: 185 pages
Genre:  Romance 


Love or stardom? Was there even a doubt what Lolita wanted?

But what Lolita wanted and what she got were two different things. When the notoriety that came along with fame was too much for her to bear, she seeks refuge in the luscious green Panchgani.

Advait Rana was a workaholic and a single dad. Balancing the two roles was not easy. The guilt of neglecting his ten-year-old motherless daughter made him decide to become a better father than he was. He takes a leave and heads toward Panchgani, little knowing that fate had other plans.

A chance accident changes their lives forever.

Born in simplicity, shunned for her ambition by her family, and shamed for her choice in men, Lolita was everything Advait wanted to avoid--for his and his daughter's sake. Little did he know that it was this attitude that made him a target of the diva of the silver screen. 

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You can find a few reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

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