Thursday, April 20, 2017

There can't be a greater healer than love, says author Udai Yadla

Author Udai Yadla

Broken or shattered in love for the first time, does true love happen again the second time? Your thoughts.

Love is an emotion that dominates all your senses. It creates such a profound impact that it will change the way you think. It will change your world. When the beautiful world woven by the threads of love is shattered, it creates a deep wound - A wound that can be cured only by love. Yes, the wound created by love can only be healed by love. Love is not what can be controlled. And love does not happen by choice. Love is a magic spark that happens without your knowledge. When the magic happens, you are just a spectator.

It is always great to be in love. It fulfills the purpose of life. There can be no treasure greater than love. There can be no joy greater than love.

When you are shattered in love, there can’t be a pain greater than that. It can be devastating. But life is all about hope - Hope for a silver lining in the dark clouds, hope for light at the end of the tunnel. And the hope is love. There can’t be a greater healer than love.

But if you ask me if true love happens for the second time – I don’t know. Nobody does. Technically it depends on the impact created by the break up. If the impact is hatred, you are less prone to second love. And if the impact is grief, you are more prone. But either case, the possibility of second love is not ruled out. I would personally like to believe that second love does happen. It, in no way means disrespect to your first love. When you thoroughly understand love, you’ll know that love does not restrict your heart.

About the Author

Udai Yadla is a passionate author and poet. Mechanical engineer by education, Software engineer by profession, Writer by passion. Owing to his job, he travelled to various cities, socializing with people of different cultures. He cultivated interest in learning more about people, which perhaps enticed him into the study of human psychology. His interest in psychology is evident in his writings. His first book 'A walk in the rain' is widely appreciated equally by critics and peers. He has been nominated for Forbes India Celebrity 100 List. He is the most sought after author among young breed of authors. He is currently working on his next novel, which is a psychological thriller.

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