Monday, January 16, 2017

Book Review: The Prince's Special Bride by Devika Fernando

Name of the book: The Prince's Special Bride
Author: Devika Fernando
Star Rating: 4 stars.
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My Review:
I am reading Ms. Fernando's work after a long time. I always had a feeling that her writing caters to YA novels but with this series of  Royal Romance, she has certainly proved me wrong. 

The Starting Phase:

Every romance reader reads a romance novel for one thing only - the 'good feel' feeling that remains even after you close the book. Ms. Fernando's romance has that. Now who wouldn't want to be a Cinderella of their own love story? But here Marie is not a damsel in distress where the knight in the shining armor comes to the rescue. She stands out as a very strong woman who loves her identity. This makes me want to connect with Marie - for the days of a damsel in distress are gone. 

The Princely attitudes:
While writing a romance series and that too of a make believe Prince - not only does a writer create believable characters but also the world where the Prince will rule supreme. The alpha hero who escapes all those swooning ladies, only to be caught up by the bluntly-spoken, tomboyish yet beautiful (read that as someone who does not know how beautiful she is) ordinary girl.
Both Christian and Marie did justice to their respective role. 

The ambiance:
Was created by Christian's sister, Olivia. I really liked this character a lot and a little birdie told me that she makes an appearance in the series later. I am looking forward to reading the love story of Olivia. Once you read this book, you will know why :) Her beauty and grace will leave a mark on the reader.

What I loved about this book:
1. The total royal ambiance. 
2. The chemistry between Marie and Christian.
3. The struggle between falling in love and duty.  
4. The matchmaker :)

What I needed more from this book:
A few scenes I think the writer could have done without and a bit tighter editing. Not much. Just a bit :) Looking forward to reading the whole series now. 

Would I recommend this book:
A must read for all romance readers.

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At January 16, 2017 at 5:59 PM , Blogger Devika Fernando said...

Wow, I'm so happy and proud that you enjoyed the book! Thanks for the lovely review, Rubina!


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