Thursday, August 15, 2019

Review: Warlock by Vickram E. Diwan

The story began with a lot of promises to take a reader through a roller coaster ride of intrigue and happenings. I was ready to be thrilled and horrified. What I was not read ready for was the weaving of characters that sounded so real that I found this book unputdownable.

At least for me. The prologue of the story gave me creeps. I could almost hear Chuckie talking to me. Imagine understanding the thoughts of a two-month-old and not being freaked out by it.

The story follows the life of Payal Chatterjee as she gets involved in the scheme of a madman. I loved the way the place has been described with trains and wilderness. I could almost imagine the scene as Payal ran through them as the golden masked man followed her. Goosebumps.

Another character that stayed with me was Rudolf. I am not writing the last name since I can’t even pronounce it. The negative shades that were created in most of the characters left an impact throughout the story.

Don’t read this book looking for logic. This is an out and out thriller, where the writer has taken many creative licenses. And aptly so. A fair warning, the book does not end here but carries on to the next book. This would have been very frustrating if the author had not written the whole book. But he has. Warlock: Valley of Death has been released. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one too but I need a break since it’s too much of a mind play to take in all at once. But that’s me, the romance writer and reader talking. If you love thrillers with psychotic characters and hallucinations where the line spreads thin between imagination and reality - you must pick up this book.

The reason for my star rating…

Story-wise the book deserves a five star but editing could have been much better. Semicolons have been too liberally used and punctuations are missing. But if I could go beyond that to read the story, trust me it’s worth it.

Warlock by Vickram E. Diwaan was published on September 14, 2018.

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