Monday, July 8, 2019

Review of The One I love by Nivedita Vedurla

Complexities of relationships are brought out best in a romance. Nivedita Verdula had woven an intrinsic detail of love, loss, and discovery with her characters. The characters meet on a cruise and from then on changes to a story of a contract marriage. Love, at first sight, does not happen as both are engaged to different people at that point in time. Life would have passed them by had Ajay Khurana, father of Akshat Khurana, not taken it into his hand to get them married. He made the circumstances such, that both had to tie the knot with each other – for a  month.  During this period, relationships are explored before reaching a beautiful HEA.  

Please don’t ask me what a HEA is, you will break my heart. :D

The story started off well. The prologue was interesting enough for me to turn the pages of the novel. The story had many sweet moments – like the daughter understanding the pain of her father, Akshat seeing Advika smiling for the first time. The scene where Advika is molested is handled well with not too much detailing but enough to bring out the characterization. The story had many levels of love vs. wealth issues and most of them have been handled well. 

But where the story has a good storyline, the author made a few misses with the technicalities of story writing. The prologue, though intriguing was not addressed further in the story. The epilogue was the conclusion of the book which though is used often by mystery authors falls flat in a romance. The storyline of Harsh needs a bit of clarity. The character of Riyan was interesting and had a good amount of gray shades which kept me interested enough to reach the end. I like bad girls I suppose. Don't judge me! 

The One I love by Nivedita Vedurla is a self-published book on Amazon, 2019. 

PS: Every author needs a review. if you read this book, do leave a few lines of review. We authors feel blessed when we find true reviewers like you. Thanks. 

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At July 8, 2019 at 6:42 AM , Anonymous Nivedita Vedurla said...

Wonderful Review!! I am glad you liked the character of Riyan. She is the protagonist in the next series. I will try to keep a note on the technicalities of the books.

At July 8, 2019 at 5:46 PM , Blogger The Book Club said...

Will look forward to it Nivedita.:)


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