Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tip from Writer's Toolkit 1: Block the noise around you while you write

Disclaimer: Not applicable to everyone but those who have tried it says it has really helped them. I have tried it and now I am hooked to it..... till I don't open Facebook.

There are so many things in my life which I find funny. And the strangest of all is the way I write.  All my writer friends, speak of a writer's retreat, a corner in Starbucks or an office room. I too have that dream. It's not that I don't have that space in my house. I  have a room with a perfect desk and a comfortable chair. I have those stickers chanting inspirational words. Something like, "Life is not about waiting. It's about learning how to dance in the Rain." 
Ah, whatever that means. But I found it very inspiring when I got that sticker.  So with the perfect setting, I sat down to write my book Destined. 

But I couldn't write a word! The silence around me was something I am not used to. After struggling for some time, I went downstairs where my family hub is - near the kitchen of course. I sat at the dining table and started writing. At that precise moment, my daughter wanted to discuss a life-changing event with me. I had to be all ears. It lasted for 20 mins. 

Then DH had to discuss something we did together around 20 years back, and I had to smile and become dewy-eyed at the right moments. Hey, my mind was in my story. I am human too. But as life is all about, I am a mother and a wife first and then a writer. The woman inside me had to cap it up, or it would be a war!

The silence didn't suit me, and neither did the noise. So what do I do...?  At that precise moment, I had divine intervention. I found an ad for Noisili. 

After that my life, as a writer changed. I use only the rain and thunderstorm sound to cut off all the noises around me. It keeps me focused, and I can almost smell the rain in Arizona.  

I have many more such tips in my upcoming Writer's Toolkit booklet, releasing this month. Hope you all like it. Stay tuned to get a free copy of the Booklet.



  1. I rolled on the floor. "Dewy eyed" indeed LOL
    Looking forward to the tool kit

  2. I hope your daughter doesn’t read your blog lol. I too have to be a wife first, but some days, it is hard work.

    Love the look of that booklet!

  3. I don't know where I'd be without my distractions! I'm accustomed to working with them, around them and feel terrible when I work for 10 minutes straight without interruptions! Hehehe. I visualized you throughout the post and can't stop smiling, Rubina! Hugs!

    1. Right? It's so darn difficult even to collect one's thoughts some days!