Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review: A Bride, A Murder & A Trail of Blood by Laxmi Natraj

Name of the Book:  A Bride, A Murder & A Trail of Blood
Author: Laxmi Natraj
Star Rating: 2 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

The Story:
Is a murder mystery.  A murder has taken place in Dr. J.R.Misra's flat who lives in an affluent society.  Inspector Shinde is in charge of this murder case. There is a trail of blood, a missing body and definitely a missing murderer. Every clue leads to the professor proclaiming him as the murderer of his beautiful wife, Diya. He is said to be a wife abuser and not liked by the residents of the building.

Whereas the missing bride Diya is loved by everyone. Stories of how she is tortured by the husband are known to every resident and even the shopkeepers whisper such tales of abuses.

This story has some very interesting points. Ms. Natraj has caught the attention of the readers with her trail of blood. When the professor is captured, his explanation and protest are what makes the story very interesting. Where is Diya? This question makes the story a very thrilling read.

Layered in clues:
I loved the way Ms. Natraj has layered the stories, placing clues and doubts in the reader's mind. When the professor denies his marriage to the way Diya's parents react are all portrayed well. Inspector Shinde carried the whole story on his shoulders and his character is very likable. He came across as an honest policeman and a concerned father.

A few issues I had with this book:
While I liked the story and it was a pretty engrossing read, this book needs an editor. I hate to see wonderful stories like this one not reaching its readers due to lack of editing. I will mention a few points I saw in this book but there are more such errors.

1. Punctuations - full stop, commas, quotes etc. missing
2. Some words/phrases need to be replaced .. eg.  tied with a rubber band on the back side; scanning her with his police eyes; all of them under the steel grip;
3. As Shinde and Junior Inspector Mohit were going through the collected evidence, he saw the cell phone of the professor and suddenly he looked a bit stunned. (Stunned is not suited here at all)
4. He got up and briskly walked out. After he left, the manager had a faint suspicion that the word, ‘co-operation’ was said with a sarcastic tone.

If I ignore the editing issue, this is quite an interesting read.


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