Friday, September 29, 2017

Blog Tour: OTHERNESS BY De. B. Dubois

De.B. Dubois


Who is the brown woman? How does she live defined almost solely by her skin colour and all the history it carries? How do we carry racism deep within us even when we think we don't? These are questions that require deep thought and reflection, and that's what Otherness encourages us to do. In a world increasingly divided along the lines of colour, despite its apparent modernity, here's a hard look at the realities that lurk within us, both as individuals and as a society.

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About the author

De.B. Dubois is an Indian-born-Swiss visual artist and feminist writer. She grew up in Calcutta until she stepped out to explore the world by herself. Debolina Dubois-Bandyopadhyay, better known as De.B. Dubois is licensed with International Degrees in Communication Arts and Cultural Studies, as she extended her Fine Arts and Design education in Mumbai, Sydney, Basel and Paris. She is titled with a Master of Arts FHNW in Design from Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel, with special emphasis on Design Culture, Design Research and Sociology. This apart, she enjoys long walks through nature trails, a good glass of absinthe from Val-de-Travers, and creating visual arts.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Schedule: Otherness: Souls of Brown Women

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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Blog Tour: Beyond Secret by Alka Dimri Saklani

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blog Tour: THE UNTOLD STORY by Ridhi Drolia

Ridhi Drolia


Love comes in different forms. But in all its forms, it comes with various challenges. Only those who can combat those challenges are true lovers. 

The Untold Story is the tale of Vihaan and Riaa. Vihaan falls for Riaa’s charms at first sight and brings to her life crazy adventures and madness. They soon emerge as two hearts with one soul and their intimate fantasies begin to unravel in exotic places. 

Their bond experience more downs than ups. These unexpected twists and turns bring Vihaan and Riaa closer and their romantic tale turn into one of lifetime bonding. 

The story takes a drastic turn after the lovely couple is blessed with a baby boy. It should be a joyous moment, but instead, haunting memories of Vihaan’s own childhood break out as a fresh wound in his mind. 

Read the novel to know what could make a father unhappy in the happiest moment of his life and how he combats his fear. 

Caution: The story is totally addictive and may arouse your sexual urge.


Watch video of The Untold Story

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About the author

Ridhi Drolia

In the author's own words:

"The passion of writing is deep rooted in my blood. 

After completing my Global Business Management certification from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, I joined hands with a few of my friends to start my first venture. 

Post my stint with the venture, I engaged myself in my lovely family life and now I present to you the author in me."

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Schedule: The Untold Story By Ridhi Drolia

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Book Review: Scorpio Superstar by Sundari Venkatraman

Name of the Book:  Scorpio Superstar ( Written In the Stars, Book 1)
Author: Sundari Venkatraman
Star Rating: 5 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

I will start with a special mention for the cover. Absolutely love it. Great work Designer of Sundari Venkatraman.

The Story: 

Ranjini maintains the site for the superstar Chandrakanth, Chandru for short. But she had never met him and when she does,  the stars conspire to make him fall in love with her. While the superstar is head over heels in love with the dusky beauty,  she is unable to stop being in awe of him.

With the consent of her parents, they marry, much to the disappointment of Chandru's periamma (aunt). Throw in an ex here and the two ladies make every possible effort to make Ranjini's life a living hell.

The story flows through the passion between Ranjini and Chandru as they fight against those whom they had once cared for.

Love at first sight
Most of Ms. Venkatraman's stories make the protags fall in love instantly. Though I missed that slight tug in my heart but the passion that grows between Chandru and Ranjini will start a fire in a reader's heart. With every scene, Chandru grew in Ranjini's heart. It was a slow fire which got started due to Chandru attraction for Ranjini and her being awestruck with his stardom persona and then slowly understanding, love and respect are roped in.

The old school of thought vs the new thoughts
While Periamma represents the old school of thoughts where girls are not allowed to work etc, Ranjini becomes an epitome of why a girl should work.  A thought that is very well penned in this book. She didn't need to work, she had everything and yet she felt the need to retain her own identity.

The transition..

It was not easy for Ranjini to accept the life of a superstar's bride. With new makeovers came the jealousy of Chandru's ex. But instead of flying into rages of jealousy herself Ranjini handled them very well.  I think it's the positive attitude in this story which made me finish it off in one sitting.


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Monday, September 18, 2017

New Blog Tour: Avishi by Saiswaroopa Iyer

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blog Tour: Snowbound by Olivier Lafont

Olivier Lafont

Christmas is dying. 

The last Santa Claus had triplets who each inherited a portion of his father’s power, and that split is now tearing apart the soul of Christmas. 

Niccolo Vecchio, the eldest, has fortified the North Pole into a citadel of ice and metal. 

Santini, the middle brother, is in hiding somewhere in the Mediterranean. 

The youngest brother, Niccolo Piccolo, is raising legions to reclaim his inheritance. 

Two of the triplets will have to renounce their claim in the next forty-eight hours, or this Christmas will be the last one ever. 

And it’s up to Adam, underachieving teenager sub-ordinaire, and his brand new jock bully Zach to make that happen…

Grab your copy @

About the author

Olivier Lafont is a French author, screenplay writer, and actor living in Paris. 

His novel 'Warrior' was published by Penguin Random House, and was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize. He has just released his new contemporary romance novel 'Sweet Revenge' exclusively on Kindle. 'Purgatory: The Gun of God' is a fantasy novelette published in South Africa. 

Lafont has written a number of feature film scripts before. The first film he wrote opened at the Toronto Film Festival and went on to win seven awards at film festivals worldwide. 

As an actor Lafont has acted in Hollywood and Indian films, in TV serials, and in over 80 television commercials. He acted in '3 Idiots', one of India's all-time blockbuster hits, the critically-acclaimed 'Guzaarish', and the Lifetime film 'Baby Sellers', amongst other films. 

Lafont graduated with two degrees in acting and writing from Colgate University, USA, with academic distinction. 

You can stalk him @ 



Deccan Chronicle
Indian Express
Khaleej Times: Enid Parker

‘Warrior’ shortlisted for Tibor Jones South Asia Prize
‘Hari Om’ feature film winner of seven prizes in international film

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Book Review: Just Me, the Sink & The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

Name of the Book:  Just Me, the Sink & The Pot
Author: Sudesna Ghosh
Star Rating: 4 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

Every fat child's woe which in the later year turns into a psychological problem. People in their 'positive modes' forget that not everything is a joke. I have heard so many stories of fat kids, fat woman, and fat men. I personally feel it's the fat women who are worst hit.

A shame and an abomination that slowly weakens the will power of a woman. Either they fight back or they hide in their weeping holes where no one can see them. And the worst part is - no one cares. For fatness is not a disease according to many, but a lazy living,  an indulgent lifestyle.

Ms. Ghosh's Pamela is one such character whose life is dominated by her fear of being fat.  Where self-acceptance is more important than waiting for other's approval.  I love the way her guilt, her fear of eating has been portrayed.

What other's will think if one eats? Superbly done.

The continuous bullying, the continuous fear culminated into Pamela fainting one day. My heart went out for the little girl who was afraid to eat, afraid to buy clothes, lest they don't fit. I hate those do gooders who are always ready to advise on how to lose weight. Seriously. Every person's life is different - physically, psychologically. But standing on a pedestrian after losing a few kilos is really not the way to advice fat people. That leads to more depression.

I almost felt sad when the book ended abruptly.

Ms. Ghosh has understood the psyche of a fat kid and the way she has used humor with making the story reach the heart of the readers is very commendable. I am looking forward to reading more books from her.

The only issue I have with this book - is the book cover.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Blog Tour: Otherness: Souls of Brown Woman by DE.B.Dubois

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Schedule: Snowbound by Olivier Lafont

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Blitz Sign Up: Fragments by Janaki Nagraj

TBC is organizing a book blitz of Fragments by Janaki Nagaraj. This will run from 18th September - 20th September

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