Monday, April 3, 2017

People fall and evolve in Love, says author Toffee

Author Toffee

Does changing oneself, to seek love, to fit into your partner’s parameters of the perfect partner define love? Yes or no and your reasons for it?

Before answering this question, allow me to share with you a simple anecdote.

I knew a guy who would always wear anger on his sleeve. He was a nice guy on the inside, but his anger cost him many friends and well-wishers. People would avoid him because things would eventually get unpleasant with him, even during silly conversations. Enter a girl who was equally cocky and would not take shit from anyone. It was unimaginable to even hope that they would end up together, but that’s where the magic of love lies – People change for love.  

The girl and the guy met by chance, but something clicked, and they began spending a lot of time together. During the initial days of their courtship, the girl figured out that he had anger-management issues. But instead of being retaliating, she changed herself and became more kind and more patient. She would remain calm when he would burst out, but would make him understand the problem later, after the storm passed. The guy also understood slowly that he had been hurting people inadvertently by not controlling his anger. And then, he changed slowly and transformed himself into a better person. As time passed, joyful conversations replaced heated arguments and sweet nothings replaced angry words.

I personally believe that, people change primarily during two circumstances – when they face an adversity and when they are in love. The latter is more common as not everyone goes through life-changing adversity, but almost everyone falls in love.  

Love is like magic – people not only change, but also evolve. They become better human beings in love. And as the clichéd line goes – love makes life beautiful.  So I do believe that one needs to change in order to keep the soulmate happy. After all, in the happiness of your soulmate, lies your own happiness. 

About the Author

Toffee is a simple guy who loves the complications of life. He used to write code by the day and books by the night earlier. But currently, he is busy writing assignments and chasing deadlines in his Master's in Business Analytics from the University of South Florida. Toffee loves narrating interesting stories with subtle insights. Through books, he wants to share beautiful stories, reach out to people and touch their hearts. Finding Juliet is his second book, written specially for India's Generation-Y.

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