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When She Smiled by Ritoban Chakrabarty

Name of the book: When She Smiled 
Pages : 234 
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This book reminded me so much of the cute love story between Aamir Khan and Ayesha Jhullka in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. If I had to imagine anyone playing the role of Roy, I would visualize Amir Khan during his Wohi Sikander days. I always seem to make irrelevant connections between a book and a movie. Well, its my imagination and don't you dare change the channel :P

The story starts unfolding with the tale of Mrityunjay as he settles in his new school. His friendships, his crush on Akansha all spin a sweet tale of youth. Mrityunjay or Roy, as he is known amongst his friends, makes a reader visualize all the nuances one faces in the high school. Along with the crushes comes the heartbreaks, the ridicules, study pressures and peer pressures. 

I like the easy flow of the story. The author makes the reader see the world from the eyes of Roy. I was angry when his father beats him up and furious at the Sir who dares to slap him in front of the class. I was sometimes angry at Akansha and sometimes smiled at their confused age. When you begin reading this book, don't go looking for a teenage romance.Its not. Its about a young lad who comes to understand one very important aspect of life. Life should be wasted on what others feel for you, Something we all must have gone through in those awkward, innocent years. 

But one thing I can definitely say - if you have gone to a DAV school in India, these incidents will not be a storyteller's pov but what you might have gone through.

One line that shows the positivity of the Author and that really connected me with the novel :

That is one attitude every youth should have today. Love is an emotion but obsessive love kills your future. The youth should have no time for obsessive love. Moving on from an experience is what makes you grow and being obsessed about a situation is want makes you stagnant. The author has brought this in his story very well. 


What I did not Like :

I understand the book is written keeping the youth in mind, but travelling with the author only with his POV can slow down the pace of the novel at some spots. Specially the relationship between Akansha and Roy had too many on and off switches. At moments I want to shout at him- Atta boy! move on. But then this cannot go against the book for it is about puppy love. And we all know what that is :) 

A mention to all the Youth who are dejected in Love...
Read this book. This book is about positivity and getting over it. Life is to short to mope. 

Yeh Nahi Toh Woh Sahi
Woh Nahin to Koi Aur Sahi
 ... will keep you all happy. Specially when you are in high school. 

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