Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Bygone Year

I so would hate to turn out like Miss Havisham :P
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I am such a bloody copycat. I had no wish to write about my gratitude list for the year 2014.  But seeing such posts in every other blogger's site, I suddenly felt the urge  to do so. I belong to that category of people who believe -that whatever good has happened to me, it's my birthright. But on the other hand, even if I myself say so, I believe whatever bad has happened comes under the category of a lesson learned. 

Year 2012-2013, I lost some family members... some of them, I could not imagine my life without. So, 2014 started without any expectations. Morbid in fact. But I have kids. And with the sweeties running around the house one cannot stay depressed for long, now can they? So I harnassed my emotions and plunnged into.. err.. nothing life altering- but Facebook :D. Come on, don't snicker. One has to have postivity coming from some direction and I am just glad I met some wonderful  virtual people out there. 

I met some very philosophical ladies out there. Some had lost their loved ones too. So when I started with my woes, the only line they said was, "HUGS <3" [3 being the heart formation] and then they told me to buckle up my seatbelt and take life in my own hands. Bloody hell.. no one sympathised more than twice. And that is when I realised I was becoming a sob storyteller. I basked under sympathy. Somehow, it made me sit up and kick my *&%  for I had no wish to turn into Miss Havisham.  :P

So the year 2015 has started with new determination, resolution and above all a cheery disposition. There are times memories come flooding back. I am fine with it.. for they are sweet memories. They are of loved ones, so why give them the guilt feeling of ousting themselves out of my life.. ? *looking over my shoulder :P

So folks.. stay happy..Life is but one !
This post was written as part of the Ultimate blog challenge and the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

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