Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fairy Tales

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Have you ever thought deeply about our fairy tales? The ones we insisted upon hearing / reading before going to bed. The cute Snow White or the permanent damsel in distress Cinderella- all had one thing in common. Guess what ? The bloody wicked stepmom. Aila!! So if the wicked stepmoms were not there, we wouldn't have had fairy tales. Thinking about it is only making me dizzy. The gospel for kids wouldn't have existed.
So here is my tribute to all the fairy tales I have heard. Ok well, some. The list is too long.

Dear Cinder,

Pray tell me how did you run with shoes only in one leg? And what the heck was wrong with the eyesight of your stepmom - she did not recognize you in the ball, just becuse you had make up on? Wish I had the number of your stylist. It would have saved me some embarrassing moments. :D

Dear Snow White,

Snow White
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A lady with a Brave Heart. Walking into the jungle and all ready to mingle? Here I am walking with mosquito repellent in my backyard. :( I have one question for you - where did you learn to cook? On the very first day you won the  heart of 7 highly irritated oldies- not bad, especially since you had not worked a day in your life.

Dear Beauty,
Bella, The Beauty
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Hats off to your sacrificing nature! What a wretched father
you had. He needs to be locked up in the Tihar Jail for daring to sell you off to a beast. Tell me something- suppose he never turned back? Actually, your story is the only one that has a bit of morality- beauty is not skin deep.

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Dear Rumpunzel,

Wah!! What a hair!! Just give me the me of the name of th oil you used and I will not be sarcastic towards you! A man of at least 80kg uses your hair to climb a tower - my salutations! By the way, your parents sold you off for veggies.. muli ke bhav! ( at the cost of raddishes)

Dear Disney Princesses,

Your sole purpose has been to fall in love and get married. All your actions were performed to get the man. Not one of you came out as strong, independent woman. You taught us how to be damsel in distress, waiting for my knight or Prince to come to my rescue.

But you forgot to tell us how to handle manufacturing defects. How to defend myself when my Prince is an abuser? Or when my Prince is the one I need to be rescued from? Why did you not teach me to fight every villain in my own terms?

So you see, fairy tales are exactly that. A myth and it is now time for every mother to wake up and teach her child exactly that. Fight back the hunter!


The Disney Gang
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