Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G for Gayatri

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Name of the Flower:
Gerbera Daisy

Symbolic Meaning:
You are the sunshine of my life

Name of the Girl

Her Association with the Flower
She considered him the sunshine in her life

Gayatri inhaled the whiff of the blooms from the bouquet of red roses mixed with gerbera daisies the office boy had laid in front of her. So, Raj did remember their first anniversary and had pretended amnesia in the morning! A smile played at the corners of her mouth, as her slim fingers caressed the soft blooms.

"Look at her! Blushing and smiling," Rewa's teasing voice cut through her reverie as a fresh wave of shyness overcame her.

"Stop it, Rewa," she tried to keep her voice stern but failed. This new recruit had won her heart from the day she had first arrived. "Today I am planning to go home early. Can you manage the meeting with our clients from Hyderabad?"

"Of course, Ma’m,' Rewa looked offended, but the twinkle in her eyes told another story. Shaking her head at Rewa's dramatics, Gayatri continued to finish the details for the upcoming project. But her heart was not in it. Would Raj love the surprise? Few more hours of waiting before she told her husband the secret she was harboring inside her body –a secret they had created together.

By two o’clock, she wrapped up her work and headed home. Excitement bubbled inside her as she anticipated the different reactions from Raj. Would he be excited or scared upon hearing this news? This would be a major change in their lives. Were they ready for it? She took a deep breath, her palms unconsciously rubbing her flat stomach, as she stared out at the bustling street of midday Mumbai. She knew Raj would be at home today. His secretary had already informed her when she called earlier. She smiled at the thought of him planning a surprise for her. Too bad, she was going to beat him to that.

The cab halted in front of her building and not bothering to take back the change, she rushed in. Her fingers tapped on her purse consistently as she waited for the lift to take her to the ninth floor. Her hands stilled for a second, before inserting her key in the lock, as a faint sound of music could be heard. Her Raj was at home and by the sound of music it looked as if he was in a happy mood. She couldn't have asked for more.

Soft music wafted from the bedroom. Surprised that he would be napping this hour, she opened her sandals near the door and went towards the bedroom.

IT WAS MIDNIGHT WHEN REWA GOT A CALL FROM A VERY HYSTERICAL GAYATRI. Rewa rushed to Gayatri’s house. It took all her gentleness to calm her boss.

“I..I ..never knew,” Gayatri sobbed.

“How is this possible? You have dated him for six months before he proposed to you.”

“Yes.. and he was always so gentle and so loving. Then why?” Gayatri’s pitiable sob touched Rewa’s heart, but she too did not have an answer. How do you explain to a wife of one year, that her life was never real. Her husband was gay, and had married her to keep his real sexual orientation a secret from society, just to make his mom happy.

That night in Rewa’s diary:

21st June, 2007

Dear Diary,

Should I blame Raj? Or should I blame his mother? To be Gay is not the crime. To be Gay and hiding it from society is not a crime either. A gay marrying a woman is like a smokescreen and that is definitely a bloody crime. Remind me Dear Diary, that if tomorrow as a mother, I ever face this situation, let me be brave enough not to ruin another woman’s life.

Rewa stared long at the Gerbera flower. Few hours earlier, it had represent love. As it silently got pressed between the pages, it unfurled to Rewa an new world of betrayal.

 This post is for The A-Z Challenge . A special thank you to  Arlee Bird for bringing this to us. :)

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  1. Being Gay is not a crime! Exactly my thought.

  2. Good one Rubina. No one has any right to ruin anyone's life for ANY reason.

    1. Very true Prathima. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. I am glad many r writing on this sensitive topic :)
    Good one Rubina Ramesh. I like the way u associate ur stories to names evryday

    1. Thanks Afshan. :) Was worried that everyone would find this a tad depressing. But reality cannot be tweaked. :)

  4. Betrayal comes in many forms...you showed one aspect of it. Well done, Rubina...

  5. That's awful to have to succumb to pressure and have to deceive another human being!

    1. True and sadly it happens not only in India but all over the world. :(

  6. This too happens...so sad.

  7. kudos and thanks for highlighting this!!

  8. Gotta ask. You have an aversion to HEAs or what? All sad, surprising, thought-provoking twists here. Lovely stuff. Cant wait for H. AND bookmarked the page :P Good going, Miz Ruby

    1. Will leave the HEA for you. Me and my tanhai Aarti... :P

  9. Such a delicate issue, expressed by such a beautiful story ; wonderful :)

  10. Stopping in from A-Z Challenge and the Unconventional Librarian Alliance. I adore Gerber Daisies.

  11. You've touched on an issue that is being spoken about only since the last few years, but has been a reality for many years now.

    The best part of your post was, "Remind me Dear Diary, that if tomorrow as a mother, I ever face this situation, let me be brave enough not to ruin another woman’s life." This is something every parent must remember.

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  13. Rubina you're great. I imagined that maybe her husband was having an affair with another woman or maybe he'd come home and tell her he wanted a divorce, but this was a twist I couldn't foresee. Such incidents are on the rise, and it's threatening the social fabric. Your story raises a pertinent issue, and highlights the humane aspect. Society must accept reality, else many more women may end up in psychiatric clinics.

  14. YOu have done a commendable job by writing so beautifully about a sensitive issue !

  15. i love gerbera daisies! thanks for highlighting them.