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An Interactive Book: ELPHIE, HELP ME! by Eddie Rice

An Interactive Book: ELPHIE, HELP ME!

Lessons for Kids from Animals about: Self -Confidence, Emotions & Feelings, Friendship & Social Skills.

Author: Eddie Rice

The Review

This story is about Elphie the Elephant. Through his actions and learnings the author tries to instill confidence in kids. Like all the other animals, Elphie the Elephant is also mocked at by Lenny the Leopard. He teases Elphie about his dancing and his whole body structure. Here the author gives the little readers a choice of either following Elphie’s long nose or strong body. Which ever path the reader chooses, he or she will learn how to be confident with their looks and body. Both his strong body and long nose are there for a purpose, which can be used either to save himself or others.

While Elphie’s long nose saves the monkey, his strong body is useful while  lifting rocks or removing cages. One very important lesson which is imparted to the kids in this book, is we can do anything if we set our minds to, provided we believe in ourselves.


Depending upon the age group his book is targeted at, there can be a bit of confusion in a child’s mind about the amount of information given to a child in a bulk. Though the storyline is very simple but it has been told in a very complicated way, which might confuse a small wind. But then, the kids are very intelligent today and might find this whole book like a puzzle in which they’re trying to find their way. But for the age group of two to six, this book might be a bit complicated. Since the author has not mentioned anywhere, the age group this book targets at. So, due to the colorful illustrations, I assume that this is for the age group of two to eight.

Would  I recommend this book.. Definitely.. It’s very colorful and being interactive would tickle the curiosity in a child, to find different  paths to take in this book. And the best thing, I loved in this was the confidence booster it provide for the little readers.

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