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My Tryst with a Pseudonym

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I tried. I sincerely tried. 

The question is - was there a need to have pseudonym?

I don’t know. You decide. 

I hated it when someone called me Ruby. Somehow the images of ‘Monica, oh my Dahling,” flashed into my inward eye. During my school years, I was pretty fed up when even the Sisters at the Convent started calling my Ruby. What happened to that God Gifted name of mine? My 12 year old mind was sure that it was a pretty sexy name. But it did matter how you said it. I preferred RH..U.. B…I.. N..A..(Please use a damn sexy voice while saying it.) 

Of course St.Mary Jude (God rest her blessed soul) refused to do it outright and I think I had to stand outside my class, just for suggesting it. Democracy, in some section of our society, is clearly over-rated. 

During my college years, I became Ina. Cool eh! Suited me too, even if I do say so myself. I forbade anyone from calling me Rubina. When asked for a reason, by a bold few, I would mock at their intelligence outright even for asking me this. “Keep it short and sweet babes!” Ah don’t get me wrong. I was not a bully. Just a self-declared busy body who had all the information about who had a boyfriend and who did not. The funny part is – both the sides felt ashamed to declare it and a few of us basked in that knowledge. 

As I floated though my college life, brandishing the name Ina as my lucky charm or sword, as the situation demanded, I came to know a few things about our society. 

1. When your Mom comes to your college and calls you Pinky in front of all your friends, your reputation goes down the drain.
2. The name does not matter when the results come out – even alphabetically. 

Then I met my DH at the age of 16 (hope darling baby of mine is not reading this) and thankfully this passion for changing my name came to a rest as I was busy searching the Oxford dictionary for the synonyms of Dahling. Will share a few winners here.. Shonu, Shona, Babes (please kick the person who calls you that, for he might be a pedophile  ...eeeks). 

After marriage, my MIL wanted to change my name and amidst strong protests from my parents, they came up with Radhika and Ramya. I was back to square one with Ramya. The song started playing in my mind again. I first put my foot down and then sat on the spot starting a bhookh hartal. The irony of the situation did not leave me. I was fighting for the name I was so busy losing all through my student life.

Of course I won. (Anyone doubted that?)

After a few ..long years I stepped into the virtual world.  Blame it on my bro. I wanted to catch his girlfriend and so I entered (if I remember correctly) with the name DragonLady1997. I did catch him and he blamed me always for the girl deleted her account permanently on the reddif. Ah well! Good intentions always come with a price. Anyways I stopped there and then. Not by choice but with hubby coming face to face with Dragon Lady. (I have promised myself not to ever write about that situation. But giving you just a peak.. I had 3 dialogues in that situation..

1. Uh?
2. Mmmm
3. ......... 

That day I took a decision. I will not ever be in any situation where my dialogues are cut short. Role reversal does not suit me at all.

Then came Zukie’s Facebook and with that Farmville. Now I needed eggs, baskets of veggies, pegasaurus, rare breed and trees. I am a dirty player and have to have the best. Check this out. The last screen shots before I bid adieu to my farming life. 

Now I hated begging.. Allah ke naam pe do one horse. Bhagwan bhala karega – give me an egg. May the lord be with you – give me flower basket. (at least use this for unity in solidarity slogans). So I created multiple logins using every relative’s name of mine. (Sorry cousins, if you could not use your emails with your names. I really apologise from the bottom of my heart. All the logins were taken. But you did a great deed by saving your sister from stalkers. Thank you.) Fb no need to sue me. Those accounts are no more. RIP all the farms.

But soon maintaining the records became difficult and loading the farm made my life a whirlpool of sorrow and anxiety. (Do not snicker. It takes 3 days to grow watermelons and they cannot die.) 

Then the writing world happened. Out of the blue. My world started taking a shape of reality and old dreams. And with that came a huge problem. My name. Should I write as Rubina? What if my MIL read my romances where my hero give a HK (figure that out by yourself ) or my heroine was in the throes of passion. What if my BIL found out or his BIL from his wife’s side? Total chaos. So Ina was born again. 

But now as the days pass by, I do realise one thing. A name does not make you. You make a name. It does not matter who I write as. What matters is what I write. To whom I show my work. When my MIL reads apiece written by me- she slowly goes to her neighbours house and shows her the piece I wrote. The pride evident in her eyes. (High time she said it from her lips though.. well, Life is still young. ) 

I envy all those who can write using a pseudonym. I personally - give up. 

Ah well.. did I hear the phone ring…
“Hello Rubina, 
Would you write an erotica for us?”
“Yes. Yes. But my name is Sasha…. !”


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mr. Imperfect Series by Aditi Chopra

Disclaimer : I have received this book from the author herself and no charges has been made for the review. All the information about this book can be found here.

House of Love:
Nikki Desai is an estate agent.  Her first meeting with Karan Malhotra was not 'the love at first sight' kind that generally happens in most of the romance novels. In fact, it almost made him lose his eyesight..(it was funny actually even if that makes me sound like a  sadist.)

Nikki had been looking for approval all her life from her father – but she never got it. Her struggle to get his approval nearly makes her lose the love of her life. 

The setting…
The stories are set in Dallas and Ms.Chopra has kept the essence of the state throughout the story. The life of the ‘Desis’ in the city of Dallas is highlighted very well. Nikki and Karan, as the second-generation Indian settlers, stay true to their form. From the morning gym scenes to the hectic pace of Nikki's professional life, all bring out the life of an NRI in the cities of the USA. 

“She had heard so many horror stories that she thought it was a must-carry item for all agents, especially women.”
Life of an estate agent could not have been described better. It caught on the fear perfectly that the women estate agents in USA  live by. Nikki shimmered on the pages as a live character as she walks us through the city of Dallas. 

Arranged Marriage..
This became my favorite of the three. There were many instances where I saw myself as Sonali, the first generation settling outside India. After her marriage to Ishaan, she travelled to Dallas and was introduced to the lives of the Indians in the USA. Cultural shocks soon overcame her inhibitions and she understood the true meaning of being an Indian outside India.

“Sonali was quite shocked to see Nikki and Maya drinking wine with guys. She refused to have any when they offered her. She couldn’t even drinking alcohol. Her parents wouldn’t approve of her by any means.”

That was so sweet and innocent! How would the parents know? :P

Those initial doubts and the warm friendships formed along with  the pseudo families that soon mean more than those we leave behind. - all showed me the mirror of our lives in the USA. 

Growth of the character..
Takes place when a reader associates with the characters. Maya and Nikki were wonderful people, Sonali grew from a shy person to the confident woman. I rooted for her success and got anxious when she started packing her bags. Ms. Chopra’s description of Sonali being conscious of the right clothes to settling for the 'stay at home' occupation.. all rang true. It made her success even sweeter. 

Love Tango
Introduced a Turkish hunk – Tahir. The Mediterranean restaurant and the belle dances were so well described that I got a whiff of  the aroma of  feta cheese and Baklava. Maya danced her way to Tahir’s heart. All was going well till she did not find the notebook. Old wounds were reopened and she left Tahir and went to her mom’s place to lick her wounds, leaving a very bewildered Tahir behind. 
Maya knew herself too well and knew that she would not settle for anything less than complete love and trust.

“She had always been so afraid to open up to people because she thought that her eccentric nature would drive them away.” 
Did it?

Each Character was there for a reason:
Maya, Tahir, Ishaan, Sonali, Nikki and Karan – all the characters had their own set of characteristics. While Nikki is the bold one, Sonali is not weak. The feminist inclination of the author surfaces when for the first time Ishaan goes to see Sonali.and her retort,

“Is this a job interview?”
This was so out of the blue that it won the feminist in me. But on the other hand Nikki who was the femme fatale gave up the love of her life just because her father made some unfounded objections. That was a bit disappointing to me as a reader for Nikki looked fake after that.

Readers might find the conflict a bit weak but I don’t think Ms. Chopra was looking for conflicts with these short stories. They were almost told as it would happen in the life of a girl in that situation. I liked the lack of villains yet there was an increased dramatization of assumptions. 


Potential Novels..
Each story by itself could have been novels. There was lot of potentials in each story to turn into a full-fledged novels. Why did Tina behave that way with Ishan? What exactly was Maya's past? What made Nikki leave her first boyfriend?  When such strong conflicts existed already in the stories, why they were not explored only Ms. Chopra can answer. :)

Grammatical errors or typos are all well taken care of. That makes these stories an easy read. But a suggestion not a criticism: 
1. Adjectives oft repeated for the same thing becomes tedious to read. 
Eg. Sumptuous meal. In all the three stories.

2. POV went off in one or two places. One eg. “Maya had a dazed look on her face…..”

Line that is going to stay with me:
"Sonali bought herself some new clothes so she wouldn't wear Indian salwar suits to the library. She did wear them in the beginning but then everyone would stare at her, and it made her really uncomfortable."

Hahhaha.. True that.. and worse thing it the people who stare the most are Indians themselves :P

Would I recommend this book?
A must for all romance lovers. A light read in a rainy day with a cuppa and a few munches. Don't forget about me when you feel like sharing the munchies.. :P

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cliff Notes : A Short Story

This pic is taken from the Readomania site
The challenge was to write from the POV of an inanimate object. I had never written that and the idea was very intriguing. Portraying of emotions of a human is so easy but have you ever thought if the inannimate objects around us were given wings of thoughts, what would they think about us? Hope you like my story that has been published at Readomania. :)

Those tiny moving dots amuse me. Why is the need to conquer over me so profound? I hear their shouts of joy every time they reach my summit; their sense of bravado makes me feel indulgent towards them. Sometimes, oh just for fun, I slightly nudge them. Well, try standing, without moving, for centuries. You will understand the meaning of ‘having those moments of happiness’. A small tumble makes them shriek in terror and when I cannot control my mirth, I send them tumbling further down. Naughty me, but do not blame me since it is not me who is going down to their level. They try to live up to my expectations. 

However, on that fatal day, it was not my fault, I did my best to shelter this one girl from the North winds. But you know our sassy North, never the one to stop when unleashed. That night too, North was intoxicated with her sense of freedom; and in her happiness, she collided against me. To make North happy, I decided to join her in her racket and tumbled down few of my rocks. I did not see the lone climber hanging on to the dear ropes. As North hit her with her full force, the girl went tumbling down. Her screams startled me and I tried to break her fall. In my fear for her life, I forgot – that I am not allowed to move. The avalanche, though not my fault, startled her. She tumbled down and with my every effort to break her fall, she felt lighter, bloodier. At last, I could catch her and stop her fall. She did not feel comfortable in my cold touch. Her hunted expression spoke volumes of her hatred for me. As usual, this human blamed me for her fall. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Age of Anxiety by Indranil Banerjie

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion and not a paid one. 

It's different. 
This phrase is oft repeated whenever we read a book. But there never has been a bundle of pages where this phrase takes its true form. Breaking every boundary of genre and rules the author Indranil Banerjee has created a character, Sarat Chandra, who grows before you in this coming to age novel, Age of Anxiety.

When the English bid us farewell
When our dear British rulers bid us adieu, there remained a gap in our society, however peculiar it may sound, but there was group of people who were totally ‘addicted’ to the British way of life. As the Britishers left our country, the elites of every region in India stepped in to fill in the positions left empty upon their departure. Our own personal set of Indian noblemen stepped and formed the first group of  Indian Bureaucrats. This story is a window that opens into the both the planes of the society, when class division dominated over caste division. 

Growing up
Set in post-colonial Calcutta, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee grows up with many privileges that many middle class boys of his age were deprived of. But enjoying the privileges that went beyond his family's means also came with a price. 

"Sarat Chandra, unlike his most of his school mates, had seen all this at close quarters for his father never could afford a chauffeur driven car to ferry him back and forth from school. He believed the other boys did not experience similar anxieties because they were shielded by their affluent backgrounds and had no concept of the world beyond the confines of their inviolate environment."

When his father lost his job, times were tough for the family and Sarat was almost expelled from the school. However, destiny intervened and he was able to continue his education without any hindrances. At least outwardly.

How he manages to finish his education, the trials and tribulations of the growing up years -  the transition from school to college,all create a string of incidents in the beautifully penned novel, Age of Anxiety.

Misthi Kolkata (Sweet Calcutta)
Mr. Banerjie’s portrayal of the conflicting emotions, playing in the mind of a teenager, is one that every Indian living in the post-colonial Calcutta will understand. His sketch of the Kolkata society, the lanes, by-lanes took me back to my childhood. To those who are visitors to the city might smirk at that emotions displayed, for you get to see the dingy areas with poverty galore but those who know Kolkata can see the art and literature lying lazily in every street corner- in every dewy-eyed student- passionately debating over politics and literature. 

Class Vs Class
One thing that strikes me about this was the clear distinctive portrayal of the class division. That unfortunately is true even today in this communist minded territory of India. Many sensitive subjects like homosexuality to Indira Gandhi’s enforced emergency, make this novel a treat to read. 

The language of the author 
Is very stong, gripping and articulate. Reminded me of tales of Sarat Chandra (as the author has already confirmed that the protag's name is a tribute to his iconic namesake)  and Rabindranath Tagore. While Rabindranath's language had a soft, lyrical quality, Mr. Banerjie's is hard hitting as he makes us see the society through the eyes of  the young protag whose world changes from  from idealism to reality as Sarat grew from puberty to adulthood. 

Romance makes a fleeting appearance in the story. It did not make an everlasting change in the protag's life. It was more like the protag was the mirror of the then society.His habits and ideologies dictated by those around him.  Personally I felt - the father had a long lasting impression on the protag, whether love or anger both the emotions shaped Sarat's personality. 


I could not find anything wrong with the technicalities of the art. But there are few thing that made me think. Was the hashish scenario an important part of the growing up? If not, why were so many pages devoted to it ? Sarat did not seem at all affected by his rendezvous with 'The Bat' and many such characters after him. So if the impact was not that strong, why was it given so much importance? I almost expected 'these incidents' to have a profound effect on Sarat's life. There were moments, when I felt this story should have a tag line, 'Smoking is injurious to health".

Barring that one point, which does not make any impact on the flow of the story nor on the characterizations, this novel will be a delight for those who love literature. The flow of words, the depiction of scenes and the emotionally struck Sarat, who takes life as it comes, is a joy to read. 

The intermittent bouts of humour is very refreshing. What would have been a dour anecdote has turned into a beautiful series of stories of escapades and responsibilities. 

Check these lines out. Does it not paint a landscape for you?

"The rains took almost a week for the inland journey to Minakuri and till then the bungalow stood out in the undulating landscape smitten by unremitting hot winds. The line of trees around the bungalow broke the force of the searing winds but could not stop them. All day the wind howled, drove clouds of dust into the air and shrieked through the countryside. The grass had long disappeared, only dried out tufts remained in places sheltered from the winds; the shrubs that were left had turned brown, shrivelled, the rest carried away by the wind, blown against the mud hovels, tin roofed sheds at the bazaar and the low brick houses of the miners."

Would I recommend this book ?
To every lover of literature a must. To every child of Calcutta from the 50's .... you will feel at home. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

God's Own Creation: Sedona

When I first visited Sedona, I had no clue about it's mysticism. A small down tucked in the corner of the Arizona desert, is one of the most visited tourist spots of Arizona. 

Google Image

The scenic beauty....
Is soul stirring. The first sight of the huge array of giant structures looming from above, studded harshly with cacti, look foreboding on first sight. But as you drive past them, you will be surprised to see the gleaming white tipped  snow cones in the midst of the desert, as if defying Mother Nature by its very existence. Ice on the fiery dessert. How can the culture surviving there not be haunting?

Mystical Culture ..

Through out the town you will see small shops selling metaphysical objects. For an Indian from India, it was one of the OMG moments. Jaadoo Tona as we call it and Earth Religion is what they believe in. Anyways, this post is not about the believe but about the serenity of the culture. Crystals and voodoo dolls sit proudly on all the shelves of the shops. Aura healers are busy cleansing souls or making you talk to your dead ones. I was so tempted to try that out but I think I would get a tight slap from my mom if I did disturb her at her heavenly abode, so I let it be. Though it was damn tempting. How authentic they are, is not for me to say. But yes, the taboo subject of India is openly practiced here and I was so very fascinated by it. 

Natural beauty..

If heaven is on earth..
Its here, its here.. its here...

Ok that was my poor poetry spurting out when I saw the morning sunrise. Huge red-orange mountains bathing in the glow of the first morning flush, is something no camera can capture. Only your inward eye can. No wonder, it has some great art museums there. And the best part was I could take my little Pom, Fluffy inside the museum. When I asked the curator why did she not stop me from this .. she smiled and said, "If we cannot stop humans from entering, how can we stop animals. All god's creation!" 
I had heard these one liners before but for the first time saw someone actually practicing it. Such is the power of Sedona. Every believer there believes in Respecting Nature. 

Digging Deeper 
The curious me could not stop only with drinking in the beauty of Sedona. I needed to know what attracted these dwellers to live a life amidst magic and believe. Its not one person but lanes after lanes of metaphysical objects. So some tentative questions and then as I became bolder, some blunt ones, revealed that these settlers were often the ones who had left home at some point of time, to search for inner peace. 

Why Sedona?
They believe that there are vortexes in this mountainous region from where a certain positive energy originates. I did meet a few skeptics who said bluntly they came here to sell the knick-knacks and found the beauty of  the place too tempting to leave. But few others, swear on their lives, that they have seen and felt an energy in Sedona, which has changed their lives. 

Needless to say, I have no found anything in my two visits. But yes, something is different in that place. Something compelling that wants you to go and visit there again and again. It can be because of  the mysticism or it can be just the natural beauty of the place. Who am I to decide... I felt very small against this creation of God. 

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Review of Delirium by Sowmya Aji

Check the book details here 
Disclaimer: This review is part of the blog tour of The Book Club and all the details of the book can be found here.

Raising my toast to one of the most undramatic extra-marital affair I have ever come across.

Anjana aka Anju lands up with a scoop after a chance meeting with the Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket team, Avinash. More than a professional relationship, they are attracted towards each other. 

Marital Issues..
Falling in love is not the problem. But being married and falling in love is. Anjana is already married to a businessman, Naren. It is not like she is having problems with her husband. One of the best part of this book is that relationships are not shown as dramatic and are not dragged more then it needed to be. The extra marital affair is not justified but treated as a part of complex human emotions. Why did she fall in love with Avinash even when Naren is portrayed as a great guy? Sex is not an issue in their marriage nor  Naren comes across as abusive.

Then why?
It is just one of "those things" that "happens". She fell in love with her subject. No explanation, No reproach and definitely no begging for forgiveness.

In Reality?
Makes me wonder if this is what our society is heading towards. As a writer, Sowmya Aji laid it out as it is. No judgements passed. Throughout the story, Anjana's emotions are portrayed and it did not even touch on the emotions of others around her. We come to know about others due to Anjana's interaction with them. Loved the way Ms.Aji stuck to her protag's POV.

The background.
Is the relationship between the media and the cricket world. When Anjana gets the scoop on  the upper- level cricketers using steroids, she starts questioning the team members. This leads to many revelations but none of them came from Avinash, but from the captain of the team, Ratan. Sadly, it is Avinash, who is caught in the web of scandals and accusations. And it is Anjana who is always standing on the thin line between duty and emotions.

Complex characters...
Ms. Aji has woven many complex characters together in this story. From Avinash going through his mood swings to Kartik feeling angry with Anjana for hurting his new-found friend. Strangely the lack of emotion seemed to be Naren's domain and not Anjana's.

That puzzled me as  woman. Is he blind? Open marriages are becoming the norm in the working elites  but still.. not unless he has some major flaws in his own character,I really could not understand why he never questions her. When the newspapers screams of your wife having an affair.. well, there has to be some reaction. But seriously, Naren is booked for me in the next life. :D

The ethics in this story will have you wondering about every shade of grey.Anjana's professional ethics were ten times more than her personal ones. That was another thing that puzzled me. Her coolness to the whole situation. Did she not feel guilty even once? Even when she was making love to Naren - did it not stop her even for a second? Strangely, it is this shallowness in her character which makes her so endearing to the readers.

I frankly started doubting my own character! Not once did I think, while reading it, that Anjana was wrong in any way. It is only when I started writing the review, did I start questioning this . Needless to say, this story is so gripping that you will find this book totally unputdownable.

Small doses of humor...
Even with a serious topic, Ms Aji has managed to inject, what I am presuming, is her dry sense of humor. That scene with 'Mr.Seatmate' was really funny and realistic. 

The colloquial feel..
Whether Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore - Ms. Aji has kept the voice true to the cities. This was the best part of the story..When Anjana translates Assi mentally to 80 - this type of incidents is so bloody true! This forms the heart  of the story. Every place Anjana went became picturesque with Ms. Aji's words.


I would have gladly given this story a five star but there were a few points that made me question the completeness of the novel.

1) What happened to the fiancĂ©e of Avinash?
2) What was troubling Naren? Why did he not share it with his wife?

And then one line...
 We didn't do live phone-ins on the news shows then, but recorded question-answer phone sessions....
 Did she know that Live phone-ins would happen in the future?

I am all for the 'leave it to the reader's imagination' in the ending. Especially in regard to Avinash and Anjana but the above two questions were a major part of the story and needed some conclusion. The focus of the story was totally on Anjana's reaction to the the discovery of 'who's taking the sterioids' in the Indian Cricket Team and Ms. Aji's journalistic background is easily noticeable at the way she has etched Anjana's character. And I do hope there is a Delirium Part 2 for some of the relationships will haunt me if I don't know their destination.

 Even with a very serious topic, Ms Aji has managed to inject, what I am presuming, is her dry sense of humour. That scene with Mr.Seatmate was really funny.

Would I recommend this book :
A definite Yes... It's  a superb read.

Lines that stayed with me-
"Why did it always feel so good to come back to Bangalore? The air was balmy despite the pollution, and soothing .The old airport was nothing much to boast about . But it was my city, my turf."

- for those who are from Bangalore these lines will resonate. Its just a feeling which you remember every time you land there. Made me homesick.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review of Dead Money Run by J.Frank James

Go to Goodreads to read the blurb etc.
The story...
Is gripping. From the start till the end, the author has managed to keep the readers glued to the story. The book comes with a prequel and the review of the same can be found here. Thankfully the doubts I had, regarding the prequel, was unfounded here. The names had variance. and were easy to connect with. But coming to that I am still wondering who Louise is? :P

Lou Malloy starts on an adventure. And the strange part is he had just come out of one. But 15 years behind the bars at Atlanta Penitentiary must have changed him- one would think so. When the warden asked him, "So what are your plans, Lou?" I started 'listening' too. Well, god forbid if I was in his shoes, I would have first thought of some old age home plans but nada!.. this pesky character had some plans of his own. 

Finding the $15 million he had stolen from the Casino Mafias 15 years ago (wolf whistle) to avenging the traumatic death of his sister, Susan Malloy. 
(Note to the author: I felt bad about this for I had really liked the character in the prequel. An afterlife episode perhaps?)

This episode is the 'hooking' line of the story. Why was the sister working as a prostitute? Why was her name Kandi when she died? The mystery unravels as we start travelling along with Lou. We meet some interesting characters as the strory progresses. Hilary Kelly  and Crusher being my favourites for obvious reasons: I am a good person. :)

The gory details:
This book is not for those who are shy of blood. As Lou and Hilary start getting clues about the man who was responsible for Susan's death, they encounter many who want to finish them off. They could not understand initially why so many were after them. As it becomes clear to them, the game becomes more dangerous. Whom to trust? Who is real? And above all who is on their side is something they had to work out everyday - to stay alive. 

Then comes a situation when Lou is brought back to the point he had started, where he is forced to rob another casino. Why? Will he do it? Well, read the book 

The visual effects are good. I will not deny that there are moments I cringed at the killings but they were justified. I am a no trigger happy person. In fact the opposite. But when your loved one is put through that and without justice being done or remorse being felt; well a guy's got to do what he has got to do. 

"Don't shoot, Malloy. I didn't know who she was. I thought she was just another dirty ....."

Well.. I rest my case. 

J. Frank James did his own rythm with this one. At times, it was too fast paced. Character's introduced, characters vanquished. In a blink of an eye few of the character, whom you could have liked in the future, were done away with. eg. Sheila. But keeping the genre in mind, I will have to admit, the author has done a good job in keeping the readers guessing. The game was not of whodunit? The game was whenwillhebecaught. (Copyright. I invented the word.) 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast paced novel. The antagonists. like Sonny and Nick were cruel enough to make me cheer for Lou and characters like Crusher were soft enough to give multiple dimensions to this plot. Not to forget the romance between Lou and ..... 

Will I recommend this book:
To every crime story lover: YES

The Line that stayed with me 

"I know the difference between a Flying Mare and a Full Nelson. Do you?"
She had me there. "
Yaay! for women power :)

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