Walking the Indie Publishing Path

Here are my articles from my booklet Walking on the Indie Publishing Path

Marketing Issue 1: Marketing Issue 1: How do I find my audience?
Marketing Issue 2:  Marketing Issue 2: Introduction to being an Indie Author Part 1
Marketing Issue 3: Marketing Issue 3: Chapter Two: Are you really an Indie Author?
Marketing Issue 4: Marketing Issue 4: CHECKLIST BEFORE YOU PUBLISH A BOOK

Other Booklets in this series:
Vol 1: Why Go Indie?: 6 Reasons for Self-Publishing (TBC Writer's Toolkit Book 1) by Devika Fernando

Vol 2: Walking on the Indie Path by Rubina Ramesh. You will find them on my blog. For the complete list follow the links above

Vol 3: A2Z Of Ghostwriting (The Writer's Toolkit, a series by The Book Club authors 3)


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