Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Review of Fight or Flight by Dana Bachar Grossman

Have you ever traveled with a toddler over a long distance? I have. When my daughter was just a newborn, my hubby decided that being possessive about one’s territory is not good for a child’s upbringing. ‘We need to show her the world,’ he would quip. And me, greedy for this wealth of learning and traveling, I followed suit.  But during those days no one had warned me about the terrorizing moments one can have while traveling with a toddler. Ear pains to runny noses, demands of walking to carrying the child and not daring to move an inch. Glaring at people for talking loudly to looking pathetic under some reproachful stares. You name it, and I have done it all.

So when I got a chance to read Fight or Flight by Dana Bachar Grossman, I was stunned to see her words etching my experiences.  I could empathize with her as she tried to keep her calm and dignity in the flight. The worst thing I have faced while traveling is the rudeness of the fellow passengers. So when Dana says –
That’s just adults crying in their own way! -  
And I can totally understand that. When it’s our kids, we want to collect all the sympathies but when we see other’s doing it, I think we remember our ‘those’ days and want to shut them out. Though the author has given a solution regarding this calling them #GoodDeedOnTheFly, I feel it’s too utopian a concept. But then you never know. An idea can change a society, so why not?

An overall interesting book to read not only for mothers but also for anyone who travels a lot. You never know when you will need the #GoodDeedOntheFly ideas.  Happy travels folks. Stay safe.

Fight Or Flight by Dana Bachar Grossman was published on May, 26th, 2019

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