Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review: Bound by Forever by MV Kasi

Name of the Book:  Bound by Forever
Author: MV Kasi
No. of pages: 47 pages. 
The format I read in: Kindle Unlimited 
Publisher: Self Published
Star Rating: 4 stars.

Reading romances is my passion. While I crave for the boy met the girl part, yet I am amazed at how many different ways a girl can meet the boy. I have always liked MV Kasi’s books and I think she is one of the finest contemporary writers who play with the emotions of her woman protagonist to the hilt. Often dramatic, if I may say so, but never lacking in the entertainment angle.

With the spurts of shorts stories that are taking over Amazon Kindle nowadays, I have started reading them to understand mainly how a romance fits into a neat package, small enough to be devoured within minutes. More than often writers can’t do justice to the stories as romance needs a buildup or it becomes a wham bam thank you mam – and personally I don’t like them. I need to feel the butterflies while reading a romance and the chill while reading a horror.

Kasi has played well in the pocket edition of romance. The love story of Abhimanyu Singham and Devsena is one of those Victorian tales we used to devour is college. The feisty princess and the rugged prince. The bandit gypsies added the right touch to heighten the tension.

Kasi’s writing style is good and while she tends to bring out the female protagonists at its best – in this book I did feel that the society in which they lived was too male dominated. What I would have liked in this book was the setting of an era. If my imagination would have been harnessed to a specific date and time in our history, the way the men behaved in this book would have been easier to accept.

Abhimanyu Singham and Devsena were to be married due to the age of custom. Both had not met each other and when they did, Abhimanyu realized that Devsena was not a docile lady.  Even without seeing her face, he knew she was the woman whom he had been waiting for. But Devsena was not going to give in so easily and thus begins a passionate story of wooing and resisting.
A definite read for romance lovers.

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