Sunday, December 2, 2018

Book Review: Rhythm of Love by Nivedita Verdula

The Rhythm of Love by Nivedita Verdula is a good attempt to write a simple love story of Esha and Siddharth. Esha, a small town girl, goes to Mumbai in search for work. She comes from a poor background and goes to live with her Uncle. But as predictable, the uncle is a lecher and she gives him a good kick to walk out of the house - with her virginity intact.  I would have preferred a good old ball crunching kick here. But that is my personal opinion and not part of this review. But this scene was well written to invoke this anger in me. 

Following Esha's journey, she is lucky enough to get the job on her first interview. She meets Siddharth, her cool boss, and a beautiful friendship starts. A friendship where both make a lot of mistakes, yet find ways to forgive each other. This story has a nice, neatly tied HEA. 

Then there is Esha's mom. I loved the way her character has been sketched out. A pucca mom she is. Worried and due to her worry, she is always angry. And then when the cause of her anger is gone, she is calm and that change of her character is well portrayed. 

The characters are well written. Esha comes across as a simple girl who is trying to make her life better. Siddharth, on the other hand, has a few flaws. Every time he seems to be accusing Esha of something or being angry about some issues. That scene where he had packed a bag full of clothes for Esha, I was left wondering if he wanted to change her or accept her as she was. 

The flow of the story is beautiful. A page-turner. I had to know what was going to happen to Siddharth and Esha. There is great chemistry between the two leads. Only one thing I didn't understand was what happened to the email Esha had sent in the first instance. Where did it actually go? Another thing that I felt was there was just too much telling. Things like - he is angry, she is hurt. I needed more action in that. I needed to 'see' her anger, her sadness. Capish?

Nivedita Verdula is an emerging author and one I am going to look out for. Generally, I give up after a few attempts of reading a book but this book, I held on to. I wanted to know what happened to Siddharth and Esha. I enjoyed the tete-a-tete between the protagonists. This author is good at punchlines and that I really liked about her. She is definitely on my TBR list. 

A must read for romance lovers. 



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Thank you so much for the awesome review Rubina.

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