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Book Review: Cadence Interrupted! By Sinchita Ganguly

Name of the book: Candence Interrupted!

Name of the Author: Sinchita Ganguly

No. Of Pages: 386 pages 


Publisher: Indie Published 

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Amazon link: Click here

Rating: 5 Stars 

Reading a book that touches your heart and leaves a tiny mark in your life is the biggest compliment an author can get. And this compliment I truly can give to Sinchita Ganguly.  

Mrinmayi stayed in my mind even after I had closed the book.  Mrinmayi is a rebel. She fights against her dictatorial father to do what she wants. She becomes a travel photographer and lives her life in her own terms. She hates the way her mother had accepted the atrocities of her father and vows never to lead such a life. And then she meets Swayam, a man who captures her heart with his brooding personality. The opposites attract and Mrinmayi falls in love, a thing she had sworn never to do. But there is a dark secret looming between the lovers. 

One which even they are unaware of. When Swayam's mother makes her hatred for Mrinmayi very clear, the young lovers are nonplussed. Swayam is tied to his mother's wheelchair and Mrinmayi can't do anything to win her heart. Will the hatred Swayam's mother has for Mrinmayi makes it seem impossible for the lovers to have their own happy ending. And the worst part is, you can't blame the mom. Sometimes, forgiveness is too heavy a gift to bestow on others. Or will they be able to win her heart and live their lives happily ever after? The contrast between the rebel and the silent lover has come out beautifully. 

While Mrinmayi will win your heart with her devil may care attitude, Swayam's cool attitude will frustrate you enough to shake him up. The author has managed to pay with the emotions beautifully. There were moments when I could help tears coming to my eyes. Especially with Swayam's mother's backstory. In this book, I found one thing very endearing. The mix-bag of emotions. When Swayam's mother was trying to stop this marriage, I too waited with bated breath. Will they marry? I was rooting for this love story where the complexities of human life were full of pain and desolation. 

The horrors of a patriarchal society and the tolerance of the women folk have been superbly depicted in this novel. I am looking forward to reading more and more from this author. 

This book can do with a bit of polishing no doubt. But I don't at all feel hesitant to give this author a five star. The writing has power and that is what pulled me inside the story. 

Highly recommended for all Romance lover. It has a high dose of emotional quotient. 

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