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Book Review: Plumbelly A Novel by Gary M. Maynard

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I received a paperback format of this book from the Author. Thank you, Gary, for this.

I took some time to read through this book. Innocence, Childhood, shattered trust and friendship. If I have to describe this story with emotions, those are the nostalgic memories I had while reading this one. Even shattered trust is a strong emotion a child grows up with. It can be anything - from not getting the grades we thought we should get to a teacher's hand roaming over your body when you have placed all your trust in that man.

Gabe, the protagonist, can be anyone out there. Of course, not all of us are an experienced sailor like him but other than that, I don't envy Gabe at all. It's one tough life he had.

Gabe comes from the lower middle-class background where his life is run by a dictatorial father who thinks getting high scores is a sign of weakness but having a girl in his arms is a sign of manliness. Added to that is a weak mother who though silently supports him without contributing anything else in his life. So one day, after his trust is shuttered by a teacher and amidst a whisper of suspicion that Gabe might be the reason why that teacher's body was found floating, Gabe decides to leave the town in an abandoned boat, Plumbelly. He is accompanied by the girl he loves, Tanya, and Lloyd, a friend, who always stood by him.

As the trio set sail, we are encountered with vivid descriptions of the sea, of the turmoils and of course about the growing relationships.

Mr. Maynard has done a wonderful job in describing vividly not only the characters but also the emotions. The anger that Gabe feels after his teacher abuses him is subtle. Intense. He is asked to keep quiet about it and I would have been very disappointed if he had. It took guts for him to do what he did and if every child and every teenager speaks out against abuse, the perpetrators will think twice before daring to do such a heinous act.

The author is a sailor at heart is very clear as the story unfolds. I would have loved to be on that boat along with the three friends but I doubt if I have the stomach for that kind of an adventure.

The pace of the story is well maintained throughout and every character's voice comes out loud and clear.

The curiosity factors in the book are plenty. Who killed the teacher being one of them. That really makes this book a page-turner. I would say that this story is a real amalgamation of Coming to Age genre, a pinch of romance and a big dose of thriller thrown in.

The only peeve I had with this book is the typesetting. The fonts were just too small.

A Quote from The Book:

"You have got to run towards your life, tama. Not run away from it." [This might not be the exact quote but close to it. While reading it, it left a profound impact on me but I had not marked it. ]

The First Line of the book:

My Recommendation:
Those who love growing characters, vivid descriptions and lapping sound of water - this book is for you to read. 
Author of the Book:

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