Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Journey While Writing Lolita


Today I have completed 16k words of my current WIP, #LOLITA. 

This story has been with me for a long time. I think from my school days itself. The life of an actress who comes from a very conservative family. What will be her thought process? How will she adjust to the Bollywood lifestyle? Is she really what she is portrayed to be?  Slowly Lolita has become someone I myself want to meet one day. She is a diva. Larger than life. Yet, she is searching for only one thing - true love. 

The biggest problem I am facing while writing this book is Knitted Tales 2. It's dying to come out. Those Gods are playing their own music in my head and soon people will think I am a cuckoo in my head. 

Oh another thing, Holidays are curses for a writer. When the whole family is at home, radiating happiness, never look at a writer's tight smile pasted on her lips. Ok - this is a bit far fetched even for me but there are days when I need to have that quiet spot under a banyan tree with a hot cup of kulla ki chai and my laptop. 


  1. Excellent. This might be the inspiration I need.

  2. Awesome. I have been so looking forward to reading your Lolita. March? Please say yes.
    As for a writer's life during family holidays, you are spot on. Tight smile pasted on lips indeed!!! <3

    1. Aiming for a March release Sundari. Tight smile is something we all will know about .. hahaha :D