Friday, December 1, 2017

Book Review: Beyond Secrets by Alka Dimri Saklani

Name of the Book:  Beyond Secrets
Author: Alka Dimri Saklani
Star Rating: 4 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

There is something about the opening chapter caption of the book ‘Déjà vu’ that simply sucked me into the story. It already set the mood for me to expect the unexpected.

"Finally, when I fell asleep, I had my unpleasant dream again, the acquaintance of my childhood, the trauma of adulthood. I woke up with a jolt."

But till now we have no idea what his childhood was like.


That period of life when everything should be roses and candies. Yet everyone is not that lucky. Reading Ms. Saklani’s book made me feel so privileged that I wanted to run to my mom and dad and just give them a hug.

Noel.. his confusion stems from his past. As past which has its own way of rearing its head. However as much we want to run away from it, we can’t. And here it was just a few shadowy moments that were haunting him. Little did he know that his whole childhood was deep-rooted in those haunting memories.

Sadly when those memories became a reality he loses his childhood forever.

Nidhi.. Her pride hid her hurt. Her story is one which I don’t wish upon anyone. The part with Rahim Chacha is so heart touching that I had to keep the book down before continuing to read. Very well written. Nidhi is haunted by her past too and thus it was inevitable that the two souls meet only to have fate separate them again.

During this period of separation, Noel finds himself and also meets Appu. From there the story takes a different turn and Ms. Saklani has touched a very sensitive topic without creating any melodrama. I liked that about her writing style. Subtle. None of the emotions were too heightened except Noel and Nidhi’s.

I must congratulate the author on her character depiction of Noel, Nidhi, Rahim Chacha and Appu. Each of them leaves their mark in the story. The continuous switching of the POV was interesting enough. Though one thing I did notice was that Beyond Secrets was more of a collection of broken souls. I would have loved it if Sam was made more real rather than just the pages of a dairy. His contribution to Noel’s growth was so immense that I missed not knowing him better. Moreover, his story holds a very strong base to the belief that every child has their own demons to conquer.



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