Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book Review: The Prince's Surprise Bride by Devika Fernando

Name of the Book: The Prince's Surprise Bride
Author: Devika Fernando
Star Rating: 4 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

Prince Erik of the Norse Kingdom of Eirik and Jessica's meeting was not at all what is expected in a fairy tale romance. A shift in their stars makes them become co-victims in a conspirator's act of kidnapping.  As the saying goes, strange circumstances make strange bedfellows.  So in the darkness when these two souls were forced to be 'cell-partners' they became each other's backbone. A friendship that carried them out of that world and into their own worlds. And now the question was would their two world, which was so different from each other, allow them to fall in love and think of a future?

Devika Fernando does it again. Creating two characters that are so beautifully meant to be for each other. A lovely read for any romance lover.

The Story line:
Is nothing new. In a romance novel, it's always a boy meets the girl and a conflict separating them anyways. But what made me turn the pages was the powerful attraction and the conflict that the author has managed to create.

The Opening Scene:

Where were they headed to, for God’s sake? Someplace secret and horrible where they could do unspeakable things to her?

Is one of the best subplots of this novel. You want to know where they will go from there. The hero is the knight in the shining armor and the heroine is in a bad situation despite being a strong counterpart to the hero. Good combination.

There was one scene which made me stop and re-read. A scene which brings out the uniqueness in the hero. A point where the girl is scared and the dashing prince sings a lullaby to her. It was so sweet and poetic and makes every romance reader wish that that could be true in their lives too. And not only in this scene. Later when he is thinking of their future together his thoughts were -

Flashes of her preparing breakfast for him and him returning the favor appeared in his mind.

Isn't that cute?

Devika Fernando has interlocked the characters from her previous books and series lovers will love it. One thing I couldn't help noticing were the number of action sequence this book had. From the kidnapping to the last scene, this book is studded with action scenes. All that was missing was the music :) Cinematographic.

Recommended for all those who would love an action oriented romance. 

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At June 21, 2017 at 1:57 AM , Blogger Devika Fernando said...

Oh wow, this has got to be one of my favourite reviews! Thanks a lot, Rubina!


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