Thursday, May 11, 2017

Women's Web event on 'Marketing Mantras in a Connected World', covered by Janaki Nagaraj

Women's Web came out with another edition of Breaking Barriers - a full day event for women entrepreneurs. This time the emphasis was on 'Marketing Mantras in a Connected World'.

Anju Jayaram, Partner and CMO of Women's Web, set the ball rolling into the day's events with an introduction to the topic . The first discussion was about 'Design Thinking' and what it is all about and how we can incorporate it into our businesses. Vidya Sankarnarayan, the co-founder and partner of Hyerlocl Design Thinking, took us through the various stages of this concept. It was an intriguing and insightful session.

"Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. A design mindset is not problem-focused, it's solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future."

This was followed by a session on Market research and outsourcing of your content, which has to be shared on various social media platforms. If you have the money to outsource work, then it helps in giving you more time to concentrate and strategize on other aspects which will help your business grow. This was a panel discussion by Minitha Saxena, Head of Content Product Services, TCS; Niti Jain, co-founder of Qween, and Munni Trivedi the founder of Magenta. Well, this session was helpful to only those whose businesses can involve outsourcing.

Niti Jain, with Munni Trivedi on her left and Minita Saxena on her right

Building Resilience in a world of stress by Ambica Saxena, Managing Partner of YSC, was a session I enjoyed the most and it was the most interactive session, as all of us who were present could identify with the problems faced. It was well articulated that 'Resilience' is not about surviving, but about thriving.

Post lunch we had Naveen Bachwani, CEO,, speak about Building a personal brand - An entrepreneur's playbook. This again was the emphasis on using the various social media platforms to our optimum benefit, which platform offers maximum results and when to use them or how to prioritize them.

The last session of the day was a panel discussion about what failure has taught us. Moderated by Suman Kher, founder of Soft Skills Studio and the key speakers were Dr. Bhavi Mody, Founder and Director - Health and Wellness and Meeta Sabnis, Co- founder of Talent Terrain. This session was all about how to deal with failures and how to move on. This of course came from the personal experiences.

From L to R: Suman Kher, Dr Bhavi Modi and Meeta Sabnis

This was indeed a great endeavor by the Women's Web community to empower women. I will certainly look forward to many more events by them. And it is a place for great networking, as well.

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