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M.V. Kasi, author of 'Soulless', speaks to Sanchita Sen

Author M.V. Kasi

Meet the author who has dared to tell a story with conviction. A story about an issue that many parents willingly try to close their eyes to. Read this eye-opening piece to know more:

Even now, I still come across adults who refuse to educate their children about possible predators. They don't want to, because they think that talking about good touch or a bad touch or even about private parts would corrupt their child's innocence.

Sanchita: An intense subject and good execution. How did you happen to think of this subject, which surely needs a lot of attention?

M.V. Kasi: Child sexual abuse has always been one of the most heinous social evils. And lately, there have been a lot of unfortunate incidents being reported, bringing widespread awareness to the subject. However, even now, I still come across adults who refuse to educate their children about possible predators. They don't want to, because they think that talking about good touch or a bad touch or even about private parts would corrupt their child's innocence. And just that, but most of those parents also live in denial believing that pedophiles cannot exist in their immediate social circles. I wanted to show that not only are many innocent children left vulnerable with that kind of thinking, but also that when a child is abused, it's not just a onetime crime. It can have several long lasting effects on the victim.

Sanchita: The title of the book is eye-catching? When did you come up with it? After finishing the whole story or you started the story with the title in mind?

M.V. Kasi: I came up with the title while I was developing the character of my female lead. From the
outside, she appears to be a cold and detached person with no empathy whatsoever. And due to her internal battles, she is driven to behave and think in a way that is not acceptable as norm in the society. And during the course of her life, she is accused by most people to be a 'soulless' person.

Sanchita: Which part of the story did you love writing the most and why?

M.V. Kasi: I loved writing the parts where Sia interacted with Dr. Patel, her therapist. During the plot outline, I was trying to figure out a way to explain the thought processes and actions of an adult child sexual abuse survivor, without giving it as an information dump. And so, I decided to come up with a secondary, but critical character of a man, who understood the ramifications of various forms of abuse, and had also helped several victims turn into survivors. Each and every insight that Dr. Patel had provided, has helped the lead character Sia, grow as a person, and deal with what she had faced in her life. Due to his encouragement, Sia was able to turn her life around from being a victim to a survivor.

Sanchita: When not writing or reading, what are you caught doing?

M.V. Kasi: Reading and writing are some of the indulgences I allow myself to partake in my otherwise busy life. I have a demanding full time job and also an active eight-year-old who keeps me and my family on our toes most of the time. I also love cooking, and coming up with healthy recipes that either horrify or excite my family during our meal times. :)

Sanchita: Sneak peek into your next project

M.V. Kasi: I'm currently working on two books in parallel. One of them is titled Ruthless, which is the final part of Soulless. I am done with the outline and am halfway through the first draft so far. But the amount of intricate plotting and the emotional drama it required, made me want to take a breather in between. And so, I began to collaborate with a co-author who is also a close friend of mine. "Bound by Vengeance" is the first part of a three part series called "The Singham Bloodlines".

Rapid Fire Round ( The first thought that comes to your mind on hearing these words)

a. Nightmare: Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head.
b. Abuse: Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.
c. Fragile: A child's innocence.
d. Temptations: Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.
e. Redemption: Sometimes we need to go backwards into our past to be able to move forward in life.

About the Author

By day, MV Kasi works for a software company. She currently lives in Hyderabad, India with her husband and son. By night, she gives in to her fascination to explore the human psychology and the various facets of life in her writing. She has particular fascination with successful people who are not considered 'normal' by society's standards.

Her love for reading has led her to start writing on her own. She likes to add depth to her characters and explore their psychological motivations. Due to the nature of topics and plots, she does not shy away from writing about sexuality or violence. Despite covering some heavy topics, she likes to infuse humor into her writing.

Her latest book 'Soulless' is available at:                    

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