Thursday, March 23, 2017

Magazine Review: YuGen: Universe Is In Your Hands

When Rishikesh Pande, Co-Founder of Artists' Syndicate And Managing Editor of YuGen magazine approached me to review their newly launched magazine, I was a bit skeptical. I am not a huge fan of online magazines. How can one beat the crisp feeling of new pages and the warmth that a paper magazine fresh out of the press? But reading this one has been an interesting experience. 

The magazine is divided into the following sections:
Fiction: Poetry: Essays: Spotlight: Reviews: Writer's Guidance. What exactly the magazine is about, you will get a clearer picture from the following lines:

- words of Akash Rumade, Editor-in-chief

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, though does not make mankind intellectual, yet providence says that we fall in love with our eyes first. And in this case, the artwork of Ekta Ray is really eye catching. Haunting. And throughout this issue, this haunting echo has been maintained. 

You can see the minds of the youngsters of today working furiously, trying to keep the tapestry of literature kindled in the minds of the younger generation. And with that, I do hope Mr. Rumade realizes how much of a responsibility he is shouldering. For such articles as this magazine boasts of are about motivation, direction and spreading the love of words. I wish him all the best for the forthcoming issues. 

This issue is studded with a myriad of articles dedicated to different forms Art. Most of them are about the pathos of unfulfilled dreams. A dirge for unrequited love for the medium of art. Be it a short fiction of Rishikesh Pandey aptly titled 'The Artist' or 'Fair Darkness' by Sneha Pandey, both have a similar ending which rattled me up. In the midst of this darkness, the silver lining is no doubt the man in the spotlight - Paresh Tiwari. 

The Haiku section deserves a special mention. I'm not an expert in any form of poetry but these lines had maintained the 'mood' of the magazine. The Haikus by Akash Rumade are emphatic and intense. 

The Review section was good with the movie Pink being the flavor of the year. Rightly deserved too. 

Most of the authors of this magazine are young and idealistic - as you can make out while reading the article. I do hope each one of them finds their haven. For as this magazine has aptly caught the mood of every artist - 'Outsiders' don't understand our colors. 

As a reader, I just have one request, since this magazine is targeted towards the younger generation, can we also have a huge dash of hope and getting 'there' even if we face loads of hurdles.  No one is encouraged to live life holding a pen or a paint brush, yet many of us have broken the rules and lived the life we want. I do hope all artists realize that- we paint our own canvasses and every negating experience should make us more determined to achieve our goals.

My love to all the young budding artists out there. 

How to submit to YuGen:

Contact them @

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