Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hot romance author, P.G. Van, decodes romantic relationships!

P.G. Van, author of 'The Evil Twin?'
In a romantic relationship is platonic love a possibility or is it just a Utopian belief? Yes or no and why?

Love is very real and yet very different at every stage and a couple has different ways of nurturing their love for each other. It takes some special effort to keep the romance in the relationship and there are many ways to keep it going. The emotional connection is critical for a relationship to build, but a couple needs the physical connection for their relationship to thrive.  A couple can still have the intimacy without being physically involved, but the primal need for each other will consume them sooner or later. On the other hand, there are so many couples in love and have a platonic relationship for many reasons and their love is no less fierce and it makes their relationship that much more exciting as they grow closer. 

Love between a couple grows everyday, but it gets to a point where the guy is not able to stop and pick up flowers for his girl or the girl is so exhausted she doesn't feel like squeezing into the figure hugging dress and sexy pumps that her man loves, and at those stages in a relationship, the physical intimacy takes away the strain from the external factors. All they would need to do is chill in their pajamas and make it a special evening at home.

Platonic love is real and I feel its the purest form of love. It's what you feel for your first love, there is absolutely no physical need involved and yet, it is very strong and unbounded. We all experience what is usually termed as 'puppy love' and it is deep and lasting. I strongly feel our first experience with love defines how we handle our relationship with the one you love. I smile every time I think about my first crush because of the silliness and the ridiculous blushing, for no reason. 

To answer your question, I can't say yes or no because it depends on who you ask, if you ask the teenage me I would say 'yes' and if you ask the adult me I may lean toward a 'no' and I hope you see why I am torn.

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