Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Review: Shadowed Promise by Sunanda Chatterjee

Name of the Book: Shadowed Promise 
Author: Sunanda Chatterjee 
Rating: 5 stars. 

Starting from the suburban Mumbai, Sunanda Chatterjee takes us across the seven seas by the sheer power of her words. I traveled along with Moyna from Mumbai to Beverly hills and with each step, I found myself getting closer to Moyna. 
I just loved Moyna's character. After a long time, I am reading a character that is complete with all her vulnerability and strength. Her darkness is her curse. The deaths around her are her nightmares. Yet out of that, she emerges as a strong career woman with a heart of gold. 

“And Lucy loves you. So don’t you get it? If you believe dogs have a sixth sense, then you must believe you aren’t bad luck.”

The above lines connected me to Moyna. Her vulnerability is at its peak at this point of time yet she is not one of those dames who needs a man to lean on. There were moments I hated her aunt for playing with her emotions. Moyna seemed a much bigger person than me. Never complaining and accepting all the problems that came her way. The characters around her are very well etched. Be it the Aunt to Avinash. From Karan to Sameer. As a reader, I could connect to each and every character of this novel. 

Her journey from Mumbai to the USA, her enrollment and her making new friends. At this point, I just had one small issue. The smoothness with which everything happened to Moyna. A bit of struggle could have added to her character but then if she had such a childhood, I suppose God had to be kind to her somewhere. But new culture and without much of a cash - somewhere, something must have been tough. No?

And then there was a part which surprised me the most. The meeting of Moyna and Bashir. Forgiveness is a very touchy subject with me personally. I don't know, if as a human, I can forget a crime of that magnitude. And in such a calm way.  I had the same problem with another book I had read in the recent months. The attitude one has about forgiving - especially the way we writers write it- I sometimes find it very naive. Even I do it. For we want to spread the love and forgiveness. But in reality, can I forgive a person like Bashir? But yes, I do agree with Ms. Chatterjee's logic of Mass hysteria. Very beautifully terrifying. 

As I close this book - one line will stay with me for a long time - 

"She’d lose a child she’d borne, in order to accept one she’d abandoned."

Even if Moyna is totally surrounded by problems, it's still a story of love and hope. And remember to keep a box of tissue next to you - this story will touch your heart.  Moyna's every achievement made my heart swell with pride. Loved this book. 

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