Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Name of the Book: Multitudes of Ripples
Author: Vaachakmitra
Rating: 3 Stars

“What would it be like before the beginning and after the end of time?”

Beyond Time and Space

Starting on an interesting note, where the reader settles to find answers to certain discomforting questions that one does not tend to ponder about, ‘The Multitudes of Ripples’ takes you on a journey that lets you feel the rippling effect that life leaves on you.

The tale and its twist

It’s the story of an entrepreneur who attempts to make sense of his life. He reconstructs his memory while recuperating from a nervous breakdown. Set in ‘Mohmayi’, a city that draws its parallel from Mumbai, this is an interesting tale that explores the psyche of a man in different stages of his life. 

I like the way the author has narrated seemingly mundane anecdotes and plunged to the deeper level of the psyche to explore how it impacts a growing mind. “Sita was shot down behind Wadia Street. The report also mentioned that Sita’s last gesture after being shot was to salute the police. The infant, my father assured me, was picked up by the police and sent to the zoo.” The way the author breaks this news, shatters the readers too. It was as if a carefully built relationship with the character was suddenly snapped with a jerk.

The way this news impacted a young mind, leaves you thinking about the inevitable. “As that sorrow subsided a strange sadness set in. I realized intuitively that death was irrevocable for each one of us. Everybody whom I knew would eventually die someday. That I may have to live without them was unthinkable.”

Read between the lines

There are parts where the author deals with the aspirations of a young mind. Very stylishly he probes this aspect by exploring the alter ego of a child. While the book takes you on an interesting journey of the mind, at places it does keep you yearning for pace. Maybe tighter editing and a crisper pace would have worked better for the narrative.

Overall an interesting read, but a more compact version would have probably communicated the message more effectively. 


​Yes. Read it to experience the rippling effect of life.

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