Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book Review: His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

Name of the Book: His Drunken Wife
Name of the Author: Sundari Venkatraman
Star Rating: 5 stars
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"They were the perfect yin and yang— he   was cool and collected while she was brash and loud. "

The above sentence sums up the story in a neat line. While Shikha comes across as brash and vibrant, it's Abhimanyu's quiet demeanor which will leave a mark on the readers. This short read is a perfect add to Ms. Venkatraman's series aptly termed as Marriages Made in India. Going with this title, this book also shows one very common thing which was present in all the stories of Ms. Venkatraman. Marriages are forever. 

A romantic notion as the cynic in me would shout out. But the romantic in me loves this. And I think that is the main base of Ms. Venkatraman's novels. They portray the innocent you. You remember the time before the jaded you took over your personality. Shikha is not a perfect character by any chance. But her road to redemption makes her a memorable character. I liked her. Just because she is a selfish, underdeveloped and brash. Add drunkenness to that. Just like an imperfect me. 

So if a heroine of a romance comes with all the taboos, finds love and happiness, how can you not love this book?

The Hot Perfect Scenes:

Is Ms. Venkatraman getting hotter or is the Arizona heat getting to me? If you don't like sexual content- don't read this book. If you are looking for a life changing experience - don't touch this book. If you are looking to learn something new (besides an error free grammar and some really hot scenes) run away from this book. No, I seriously mean it. This genre is called the HOT ROMANCE and not many will be able to take it. 

But just like her other books, if it's just a mug of coffee, a few drops of rain outsides and a feeling called innocent love, that you want to embrace one afternoon, this book is a perfect read. 

I never look for literature when I read Ms. Venkatraman's books. I look for love and that even with my own shortcomings, I am ok. Every imperfect person can be loved and find their rainbow - that is what Ms. Venkatraman's stories are for you. 

Would I recommend it?

To those who love romance, just for the sheer love of Romance, Read it.. those who are looking for intellectuality, to grow as a person and learn and igniting their philosophical cells - stay away. 

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At January 4, 2017 at 10:17 PM , Blogger Sundari Venkatraman said...

Rubina Ramesh, your review underlines why I write - For ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT. Thank you so much for understanding my romance novella and appreciating it for exactly what it is :D

At January 4, 2017 at 11:21 PM , Blogger The Book Club said...

Thank you for writing such Entertaining books. You are always a pleasure to review.


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