Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book Review: The Evil Twin? by P.G Van

Name of the Book: The Evil Twin?
Author: P.G. Van
Publisher: Indie Published 
Star Rating: 4 Stars.

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I have read the earlier works of P.G Van and I must say that this book has been a very pleasant surprise. Not only has she worked upon the character development, but also the storyline has all the qualities that make this book a very entertaining read.

The story:

Vinitha Raj is always surprised when strangers stop her and ask her about a girl who is not at all related to her. She thinks that this is a coincidence and often ignores them until she meets Reyan. They fall for each other instantly and that starts a passionate affair between the two. At a glance, it looks like a simple romance,
​but there are many secrets held in the hearts of both the protagonists. Vinnie is tormented by her past and Reyan does not speak much about his life. But soon they decide that they cannot live without each other. But before they can make a commitment, the past revisits them.

The Chemistry

Between the protagonists is SIZZLING. Every time they are on the same page, you can see the smoldering smoke. There is boldness in the style of the author’s writing. Not a lady to mince words, she can call a fuck… a fuck. The opening line where both the protagonists meet, starts with an accident and that itself is the hook line of this novel. It will draw the reader in and make you travel in a maze of passion. I must mention here that the author’s love for cars and bikes is evident in this book too.

The relationships:

​As with her previous books, Ms. Van seems to have quite a few characters play a very significant role in her novels. All of them shape the main characters in achieving what their heart’s desire. The underlying mystery is evident throughout the novel. Thank god for that or else it would have been very monotonous. Neel, Meg, Annie all are lovely and well-etched characters. The sweet friendship between Annie and Vinnie (yeah they rhyme!) will often bring on a smile.  The layers of relationships are unfolded slowly in this novel. Vinnie’s relationship to her aunt and then to Meg. How protective she is of Meg and ultimately, her relationship to the friends of Reyan- all add up to show her real character, which I found personally very beautiful.

The Sexual content

This book is a borderline erotica, and yes, there are lots of sex scenes in this one. Hot scenes. Yet the story has not been overshadowed due to the sexual content and thank god for that.

What I loved:

​Ms. Van has a subtle sense of humor. She comes out with funny names like ‘SoSi’ aka soul sister and some mean concocted drinks.

Hey, SoSi, how are you? My soul sister!!
Along with her knowledge of bikes and cars, the author really knows or has researched the drinks well. *wink *wink. The title of the story is really intriguing. While it will take some time to understand why the novel is called ‘The Evil Twin?’ there is absolutely a valid reason behind that.


Anyone who loves hot romances will love this one.

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