Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Blitz: Return To Earth by Aithal

Name of the book: Return to Earth
Author: Aithal


After their shuttle met with an accident and accidentally landed on a strange planet, the three astronauts return to Earth with the help of the aliens. However, they end up returning in the wrong time—in the future. 

What they experience truly shocks them. They return to a time when separation, division, and hatred, rule the day. Indeed, they return to Earth. But is it really home? What has happened to their beloved planet? And what has happened to their country, the most powerful nation on Earth? Is it still the most powerful country on Earth? Whose doing is it?

In a place where how a human sees and treats a fellow human defines his existence. In a time when survival is the most important thing, the human spirit of endurance and sharing shows how life can be when things become dire.  

In this second book of The Galaxy Series, join the adventures of the three astronauts and an alien on Earth. Take an emotional rollercoaster ride as they travel through America, see what they see and ask yourself—‘is this what I want to leave for my next generation?’

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The Reviews:

A wonderfully intriguing science fiction novel that is brutal, beautiful, and complex; Return to Earth makes a relevant statement about today's society that is equal parts bleak and hopeful. It is truly an amazing addition to the genre!
- Charity Rowell-Stansbury

I adored the first story and this one was great too. Lots of action, imagination, sci/fi, honest speculation of what could happen, great plot, and wonderful characters. I was given this book to read, begged really, and was not under any obligation to leave a review but I wanted to share this with everyone. Great book!

-Montzalee Wittmann

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About the Author
Aithal resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

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