Thursday, December 15, 2016


Name of the Book: With You I Dance
Author: Aarti V. Raman
Star Rating: 4 Stars
I am no stranger to Aarti V. Raman's style of writing. Her Kingdom Come had left such an impact on me that it’s inevitable that I will compare WYID with KC. But her versatility as a writer makes it very difficult for me to do that.

No two books can be so different in terms of their writing style, voice, and narration. No author can depict women in so many shades. While Ziya left me feeling strong, Meera of WYID invoked the mother in me. I wanted to protect her. To take away her pain. 

As an artist, I could relate to Meera.  Can I imagine myself, waking up one morning and finding out that I cannot write anymore? Can you imagine getting up one morning and finding that the thing that makes you accept all the bullshits on this planet, has vanished? That is Meera's pain.
Of not being able to dance because a fear has resided in her heart. Fear or guilt of not doing enough, whatever you want to call it, is stopping her from living her dreams and fulfilling her ambition. Ms. Raman has really focused on the psychology of an artist in WYID.

The self-centered streak that is residing in every artist. That the world revolves around our artistic inclination. Let the emotions of others be damned. Meera does the same. Her pain is larger than life and that hides all the love and passion that Abeer has for her. She sees her broken heart, her pain but not once does she feel his. Many readers might feel that this makes Meera a very selfish person. I can assure you that no artist will find a fault with Meera.

Having read KC, I could not but observe that the author has held back in this one. Zoya is such a beautiful character and I expected more from her than just being a cause of a conflict. Meera herself comes out as a complete woman, a heartbroken dancer but the lover in her is rather subdued. While she grew as a woman with every page turn, she made me want to hug Abeer and tell him, "Dude, get used to being the second best in her life. You chose an artist to fall in love with."

The one relation that really touched my heart was that of Meera and Bullet. Ms. Raman has caught the sibling rivalry yet the complete acceptance of each other's fault. Of hating each other for just existing to the powerful protective love siblings feel of each other. I truly connected with Meera at this level. Ms. Raman has no doubt, a very clear understanding of family and friends and the different shades in a relationship. That itself will connect you to Meera.

Abeer, on the other hand, is a guy to die for. Understanding, compassionate and patient. A perfect lover, who gives the right space to his lover to heal. 


Yes. A lovely read for a rainy or a sunny day. Take your pick :D

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