Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#ATOZCHALLENGE;Letter B: Baal Got An Invitaton

B for Baal: Phoenician Fertility God

Syria, 3000 BCE 

Baal, the son of the chief god, El and Ashrerah, felt very powerful today. His dream was fulfilled. Kothar, the Royal Mason of the gods had finished building the Palace. The entire design of the architecture was the brainchild of Baal himself.

At a glance, the building looked like any majestic Palace befitting a king. But, there was something very special about this Palace – a small window tucked in the eastern side of the Palace. From that window, Baal had designed it for Rain to travel to the Earth and prosper it.

Seeing his dream taking a physical shape, he felt very proud. So proud, that he declared himself as the supreme God. He even went as far as overthrowing his own father.

El became furious but he kept quiet for right now that would mean draught on earth. All the gods bowed their heads and accepted Baal's supremacy, except one. Mot, the god of the underworld. He was furious with Baal  – the unfairness of the situation made him feel very bitter and he could not take it anymore. So one day, he decided to have a talk with Baal.

"What makes you think that I will accept your supremacy?" He asked angrily.

Baal laughed, unperturbed, for he truly believed that he deserved it. "Why brother, do you think you are more powerful? I give them life  and you give them death. They worship me to keep you away from them.I'm revered while you're hated."

"I'm the ultimate destination that even you, as Life, cannot ignore."

"Well," said Baal haughtily. "Till it's not proven that you are more superior to me, let's not argue over this."

Now Mot was more furious. He planned and schemed but nothing could be done. Then suddenly one night he had a dream. When he got up in the morning, he was feeling very happy and relaxed. For now, he knew exactly what he had to do to bring down the mighty Baal.

Next day, he went to meet him and invited him to his house. "I accept your supremacy for I couldn't think of any means to prove that I am superior to you."

Baal was very happy for now his only opponent had accepted his supremacy. "Now, that is really honorable of you to come and admit it." He gave Mot a hug. Now could afford to be nice to his stepbrother.

"How about coming over to stay with me for a few days and relaxing amongst the sea nymphs?"

"Are you inviting me over to your Palace?" Baal looked surprised for Mot was very zealous in guarding his abode against everyone.

So, Baal was very happy to be the only exception to be invited by Mot. With great pomp and amongst many happy cheers he visited his brother in the underworld.

As soon as he entered the forbidding gates of the underworld, his mother screamed as his senseless body slumped before the gates and his soul left the body to enter the gates. In his pride, Baal had forgotten that no one enters the underworld in his own body.

Baal was the Phoenician fertility god who was worshipped in different ways. The name Baal is also there in the old Testament of the Bible and was used by the Israelites as a degrading words for the non-worshippers of their faith.

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  1. Wow!!! You have attempted a different genre this time- historical fiction. Huge applause for that first. Mythology has always interested me and this one was very well researched and written. Great job, Ina.

  2. Very interesting story, Ina. I am fascinated by mythology and loved reading about Baal. :)

    -Nikita @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

  3. Aha! That was so very interesting and captivated my imagination too! Loved it! :)

  4. Poor Baal! It literally shows that pride goes before fall. Good one Ina! One more story that I never heard of :)

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    2. hahahahaha! After reading C, I know what you mean. Thanks :D

  5. Great tale, well told, Ina!

  6. Never heard of this story before. Interesting tale. Loved it! :)

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    Ina you are putting a wonderful excitement to this challenge.

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