Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vanished Times by Ines C. Rothen

Name of the Book: Vanished Times
Author : Ines C. Rothen
Publisher :Austin Macauley Publishers
Paperback: 242 pages

My Review 

When I took up this book, I was a bit apprehensive. I like reading autobiographies. - the 'Peep Tom'  in me has to be kept satisfied legally :P. But my general inclination is towards King Henry's exploits or Lady Diana's adventures and some hushed rumours. In other words, I want to know if fairy tales really exists. I am yet to find out :)

Vanished Times is one book, I am glad I didn't miss. While from a reader's POV, I can't ask the questions why did she say that or why that couldn't have happened.  I cannot question about a time of which I have only heard of or read about. I envy  the author's rich experiences. World War II :O I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hard times to be born in. The sirens, the black outs must have been so chilling and terrifying. 

Yet in that midst, there was teasing between the brother and a sister, some fight over sausages and all the silly things only siblings can do.  There awe over a Naphthalene ball is so telling of the people during the author's time. Things we take for granted in today's world was an invention in those days. Even ahem... birth control 'devices' :P. So a lady who has lived in those times and is now telling the beautiful tale with such an elan, has all my respect. 

From the beginning itself, the author grips her readers by taking us to those times when the automobile was a luxury. Ines was such a naughty girl. A little She-Devil !!! I loved her antics - though if someone searches for 'Nachtheuel' behind my wall papers, my love for kids will go for a toss for sometime at least. 

All the relationships are beautifully stressed. You can feel that the writer is still living in those times - at least in her memory. Her memory has come out very vividly, whether regarding the questions about facts of life that arises in a child or about her Tom Cat. :) 

I found the anecdotes of her life from her childhood very endearing. Can't wait to read about her youth in the next part. :)

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