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Love Will Find A Way by Parul Tyagi

Name of the Book : Love Will Find A Way
Author: Parul Tyagi
Publisher: Indireads
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #162,007 in Kindle 
No. of Pages: 98 pgs.

Disclaimer: I got this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


A few words on a piece of paper are about to shatter Meeta’s happy little life. Her husband Prabhat has found a clue that could propel him straight into the arms of the woman he has loved since childhood, Nitya.

Torn between his memories of an eternal passion with Nitya, and the haven of Meeta’s steady devotion, Prabhat is confused and uncertain. Should he sacrifice his life, and Meeta’s, for the possibility of an old love, or should he walk away, and wonder, forever, what if…?


A story full of love, pain and pathos. This novel reminded me of the pathos we would see in the eyes of Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rahman or Meena Kumari. The pain and the love of the all the three characters is palpable. The story crisscrosses between the characters' past and present. Prabhat leaves India and his childhood love after learning that she was planning, along with her mother, to marry someone else. Disillusioned in love, he becomes Paddy in London, running his own convenience store.
At his mother's insistence, he marries Meeta and they lead a complacent life till a chance news of death lands him on the same crossroad he had left behind in India. He learns that Nitya had not married after all and he starts feeling the burden of his accusations.
Meeta, who had always lived under the shadow of the other woman, takes the matter in her own hands and forces Prabhat to go in search for Nitya. She also accompanies him fulfilling the role of a wife, friend and confidante. Her strength and will power encourage Prabhat to search for Nitya but sadly she is not to be found. ( I do wonder at them point, what would have happened if she was found :P)
But Nitya could not be found so easily. It was as if she knew that Prabhat would come in search of her. She had left behind, in her wake, a series of mysterious poems with clues in it. The trail is very interesting and like a new flower blossoming unfurls at every level a new twist to the story.
.....Which my Dahlings, made me want to tear a few of my remaining hairs. It was so frustrating. Like a man running at a sight of an oasis. Beautifully penned by the author, frustrating for the reader. Be ready with this one... You have to finish the 95 pages in one go.
So many questions arise? Where is Nitya? Will Prabhat find her? What will happen to Meeta?
Parul Tyagi, How much tension can we handle?
This book should come with a disclaimer:
This book comes with a box of ....... (Any one who fills this box, will get exactly that from me :D)(Of course only one entry .:P)


This novella was such a quick read. A complete emotional roller coaster ride! Loved Meeta's character the most. The five stars you see above, that is totally for the emotional tug the author could create with her words. But that does mean I agree with her. In this day and age, can I? Will I be able to do what Meeta did? I think I would rather land up in Tihar jail than agree with what she wanted Prabhat to do. I am not so big hearted. But if I ignore this small point, I still could not help feeling the muted paid of Meeta. That is exactly what I loved about this story. Three different types of pain described at different levels. 
Prabhat's guilt and anticipation, Meeta muted fear, yet her brave face, which is the 'move on' factor of this novella and above all the clear, precise pain of Nitya. Uff! Read it to believe it.

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At July 22, 2014 at 7:59 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

This one seems like a mysterious tear jerker!
I am sure it should come with a box of chocolates to make us feel less emotional and strong to read it in one sitting :)

At July 24, 2014 at 2:33 AM , Blogger The Book Club said...

Oh this one is so sad and beautiful Inderpreet. If you read it , let me know what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

At July 25, 2014 at 10:24 AM , Anonymous Dola said...

Sounds like an emotional read. Great review. I'm sure you needed a box of 'tissues' to go with it! :D


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