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Rose and the Lost Princess by Holly Webb

Name of the Book : Rose and the Lost Princess by Holly Webb
Author: Holly Webb
Publisher : Sourcebooks
Disclaimer: I recieved a copy of this book from SbPublicity as a part of  Rose and the Lost Princess by Holly Webb blog tour in exchage for my honest review.


Now an apprentice magician, Rose is asked to help find a very special missing person

Turning the worn pages of her spell book, Rose can't believe how much her life has changed. Once a poor orphan, she is now an apprentice to the king's chief magician. But when the country's beloved princess vanishes, everything changes. As rumors of dark magic fly through the city, the king asks Rose for help. She must find the missing princess, before all is lost.


Rose is an orphan, but…. with a difference. She has magical powers which set her apart from the other kitchen helps she works with. Once she was loved by these people, but upon coming to know her powers, they avoid her. This saddens the little girl and she tries her best to keep a balance between her life as a commoner and that as a magical creature. She gets trained by the master of the house as an alchemist's apprentice and she loves it.

There is a rising distrust in the air with the Princess of the kingdom being kidnapped. Rumor is that magic is used to kidnap her. When the Princess is kidnaped the first time, she is found almost immediately, but the suspicion and the fear that surrounds the magical world, becomes the focus of many agitations. Rose fears that if this continues it would be bad for their world since magic was used to make gold coins and various other activities of the kingdom.

When the princess is again kidnapped, Rose is ordered by the king to take her place to attend a banquet that is very essential to maintain the diplomatic relations between two states. The King comes up with the idea of Rose becoming the princess using magic.

Would this not make Rose fall into trouble when this deception is brought to light? Can Rose carry it off without raising suspicions? And where is the real princess. For that little dahlings… read the story:)



Well, the language simple and strong…just like a child within the age group of 6 to 10 years will enjoy. And their Moms too It has the right messages and enough nail biting moments. I loved the relationship Rose has with Gus, Freddie and Bella. The best moment, according to me was the sensitiveness with which she handles the younger princess, Charlotte is very cute.

The only wish (I won’t call it a peeve) I had with this book was that the main antagonist of the story did not get much pages dedicated to it. But the author makes it up with the ingenuinity of the kidnapping. Imangine to be kidnapped and staying right in front of your loved ones. Creepy and scary isn’t it?

About The Author 

Holly Webb is the author of Dog Magic, Cat Magic, and Lost in the Snow. She has always loved animals and owns two very spoiled cats. They haven't said a word to her yet, but she's always listening, just in case! She lives in England.

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