Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Title of the Story: The Amulet 
Author: Holly Zitting
Cover: Could have been better. Matted look. Does not look professionally made.
Editing: Well edited 
The language of the author: Good command over the language. 
Star Rating: 4 stars. 

Twilight has sucked me in into the world of paranormal. I can honestly say that reading The Amulet has not disappointed me. Thank god there was no blood gushing out of someone or people saying cheers with an antique goblet filled with blood!

In fact, it is rather sweet. The relationship between the three characters [Emma, James, and Simon] was rather sweet and complex. Though I found it a bit tedious by the way Emma was being indecisive about them both,[though I don’t blame her, they were both gorgeous.:)]

The story has good build up which would keep the readers turning the page. There  is also a good visualization presented by the author,[ or was it my overactive imagination?]

I loved Simon’s character- silent, powerful, warm and always there for Emma.[ of course, that was his job.] But on the whole he became the main character I wanted to follow in this story. 

There were some unanswered questions for me. From the beginning, the friendship between Ashley and Emma was stressed upon and midway Ashley vanishes.

James, though characterized perfectly according to the need of the story, appeared initially as a full-blown macho type who appears washed out later giving more scope to Simon for the readers to fall in love with.[ Maybe it was intentional?]

Another character was Eva. She was sometimes replaced by a shapeshifter. But when? Though out she appears negative [only in attitude] but if she seems to have no influence on anyone. So if she is being taken over by a shapeshifter, should not she be having some say in the story. [Okay, I liked her character and I wanted to know more about her, so sorry to sound petulant about it.]

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