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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Virgin Goddess and The Donkey

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Her beauty was captivating. It was said that when she walked in the garden, flowers bloomed at the sheer joy of her presence. As the only daughter of Saturn and Ops, this beauty was the Apple in the eye of her five brothers – Ceres, Plutus, Juno, Neptune and Jupiter, Vesta did not know any other life except being protected and loved. It was said, that her brothers loved her so much that no outsider was ever allowed to meet her. In fact, many people did not know that Saturn had a daughter.

But Vesta was not affected by this lack of recognition. The purity of her heart kept her always warm and happy.One day, while she visited the temple, the evil eyes of Priapus fell on her. Priapus was cursed by Hera to live a life of shame and a sexual thirst that could never be quenched. His frustration had made him lose all his morality and common sense. Being a God of livestock, his behaviour too was like an animal. He did not know how to woo a woman but took it for granted that he could have anyone he wanted – without the maiden's consent.

So when he saw the beautiful virgin goddess, Vesta, he just wanted to have her. But she was surrounded by so many people, that he could not approach her. From that day onwards, he started stalking her – keeping account of her every moment. When he came to know that she was the sister of five mighty brothers, instead of deterred, he felt his desire soaring higher. For he liked nothing better than to make the gods angry.

One day he got his opportunity when Saturn had thrown a party and he had invited all the gods. When everyone was intoxicated and passed out for the night, Priapus crept up to Vesta's Chamber. Seeing the sleeping beauty lying in a peaceful slumber, he couldn't contain his lust anymore. But just as he was about to take over her, a Donkey brayed  loudly from outside. His call was so loud, that's it woke not only Vesta but also the whole palace.

Seeing the grotesque figure looming over her, she screamed out loud. Her scream was so loud that it even scared Priapus and he tried to run away but before he could do so he was captured by the five brothers.

From that day on, the donkey which was still then a symbol of lust was also regarded as a true friend of a family. Vesta continued to remain a virgin and was worshipped all over as a symbol of new beginning.

So you see,  even today in few of the countries, a donkey's bray is considered as a savior of virginity :D