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The Red Mask by D R Downer is written in his signature style. Short and to the point.

Coming to the story first, it's about a young man, Ranjit, driving in the dark. He had to suddenly stop his car, thinking someone had stepped in front of it. The readers are told that it was not the case, which makes me breathe again.

He still gets out of the car and meets the sweet and innocent child Shanno. Shanno leaves a lasting impression on him, and even as he returns to his daily life, he can't stop thinking of that child.
Life takes a twist, and all I can tell right now is that that ending will shock you.

For a short story, this book is well written. It took me about five minutes to finish this book. As with every short story that I read, I feel that that author could have done so much more with this story. For, eg. I never got to meet Jennifer. I could not even understand why Ranjit's background was given so much importance, which had no impact on his present. But his personal life in the present situation was washed over.

The language of the author is very gripping, and he has kept the emotions under a tight reign. Perfect for the short story. The ending was the golden crown of the story, and I am sure many readers will not be able to reach a conclusion due to the twisted turns [or should I say false alarms?] the author has taken to reach there.

One thing I would like to say is that this is not a thriller or a suspense novel. It's what we call a slice of life or a drama fiction. There was no instance where I asked who was she or where did she go? But yes, questions about Ranjit's present life and the people connected with him. I wanted to know what his relationship with Jennifer was. If she was a wife or lover? Who is Srini, the name that beeps when he is with Kamini?

Many unanswered questions and many instances mentioned, which either should have been taken further or not mentioned at all. On this public platform, I would sincerely request D. R Downer to write his full length of a novel and not leave his readers closing his books with so many unanswered questions. As a fan of his books, I will return every time so I can demand more. Can't I?

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