Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Review of I am the 10th by Deep Downer

How does a woman go out on a date with her husband, returns home to make love to him and wakes up in another world? A very riveting premise that will take you through the journey of Sarah as she searches for her identity amidst lies and embedded memories. As the line between reality and surreal vanishes, she must know what has happened to her memory before more deaths occur.

Downer has done a commendable job in creating characters from the history to the present day, with uniqueness and mystique that will make this book unputdownable. My first shock came when Sarah confused between New Delhi and New Deli, Missouri and Mussoorie. Clever play with words. The story takes interesting twists and turns as it makes your travel between the past and the present and between different countries.  The second surprise came when we traveled to the court of Chandragupta Maurya to Ashoka. Meeting characters from our past and weaving them in the present has been made the story interesting.

The only peeve I had with this book was the abundant usage of commas. But due to the freshness and the plotting of the scenes, it can be overlooked. Overall I can only say that this book is a mixture of mystery, historical and sci-fi. A must-read for mystery lovers.

I am the 10th by D. R Downer is a self-published book on Amazon, 2019. 

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