Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Book Review of Lost and Found by Sunanda Chatterjee

A collection of stories can only be called successful if it holds your attention until the last page. from A White Christmas to Letters from Carmen the pages unfurl one emotion after another.

A White Christmas is a story of a woman who takes a second chance in life. This story particularly touched my heart. A couple in love, slightly older and one with responsibilities. How do their family members react to their relationship? Children have this way of putting their parents on a pedestal, forgetting that they are human too. Chatterjee has brought out the conflict of emotions such relationships creates very well.

On the same line, I would also say that the resolution came out too easily but then we have to give it the concession of being a short story.

Two of the stories deal with the father and daughter relationship. Each dealing in the complexities of the relationship in their won. The first one, Since When, has some very heart touching moment. A girl, losing her mother at a very young age, The scene where Mina hears her father saying I love you, brings tears to my eyes.

The Turning Tides, on the other hand, carries the burden of the bittersweet nature of human relationships. A father leaves his land behind and goes to look after his daughter and her son. How his life changes as he grows old is a very heart-wrenching story. The stark reality of this story astounded me. It's the truth. However inhuman we sound - it's the freaking truth.

Lost and Found had a personal touch. Something many women would experience. I like the way how the girl stood for her pride. We need that in today's world.

My favorite of the lot is My Memsaab. The ending will pull at your heartstrings. Pitoli is going to stay with me for a long time. The pathos this story has will make you imagine the life of Pitoli as she travels towards a better life only to be reminded that class and status mattered in the society.

A collection of very well articulated stories. The differences in the culture in every story is well etched and not in one place did I feel that the author has done justice to the cross culture life of the desi's in the USA.

Lost and Found by Sunada Chatterjee was published on September 2, 2017

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