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Excerpt Promotions: Prescriptions From Dr. Love by Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab

Prescriptions From Dr. Love

Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab

Name of the book:  Prescriptions from Dr. Love
Introduced by: Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab
Genre: Medical Self Help
Release Date: February 27th, 2019

Excerpt From Prescriptions of Dr. Love

We began our journey at the point of innocence when we were at the purest point in our lives as newborns. Those of us who were mothers were encouraged to think about what it felt like to be with our own babies when we became mothers and to feel the same serene, loving and calm joy we felt when we cuddled our own babies.  

To be present in the moment, I allowed myself to picture myself as a baby and I imagined that I must have been bundled up in a pink blanket, with dark hair, wide soft eyes, an innocent face and a pure consciousness. The feeling of being that way overwhelmed me and I cried tears of joy. I allowed myself to smell myself as a newly bathed baby, sweet, peaceful, loving and calm. I let myself see how beautiful I really was to my gorgeous mother as she held me close, soothed me and whispered sweet words of love into my ears. As I measured how far I arrived into life, I had a deep sense of how our senses are assaulted by toxic experiences and feelings. I felt overwhelming grief that I was not that baby anymore. As I observed myself from the outside, I lamented that we could not be as pure and painless as we were when we were babies for the rest of our lives.  

As I transported myself into my teenage years, I stifled the need to giggle at the memories of myself playing in our wonderful neighborhood in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. My spirits soared as I felt the wind blow through my hair and the sun kiss my face as my best friend Suzan and I rode on bicycles through the streets. I felt an absolute rebellion at being privileged enough to ride a bike at a time when as a girl, such things were unusual, but not unheard of. I felt my strength at falling down, my joy at sharing my adventures with Suzan and at the same time lost because the days of such innocence had now ended.  

I recalled to memory a time when Suzan carried a meatballs dish, a very traditional Lebanese – Mediterranean dish known as Kebbeh. This dish is so delicious. The outside shell is made of fine wheat mixed with grounded meat and the inside is stuffed with a mix of grounded meat, onions and pine nuts. It’s simply delicious! Anyway, this pot of decadence had to be delivered for a certain meal that was being given for guests on that day. In our excitement and mischievous antics, we dropped them to the ground by mistake and then collected them and dusted the sand off. Suzan and I giggled with a lot of amusement and a little fear as we watched our family members eat the meatballs, unaware that they had been dropped, messed and cleaned up with the backs of our hands only. I felt that naughty streak again and yearned to be just a child once again.  



"Dr. Suzan Almushcab, MD is from Saudi Arabia and currently lives in Calgary, Canada. She is a graduate of the King Faisal University School of Medicine. She completed her residency at the children's hospital in Calgary and then pursued a second specialty at McGill University to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist. 

She then continued her work with children at JAHA Center, formally known as Dhahran Health Center. She has cared for children with Diabetes and those with endocrine disorders as well. She established multiple guidelines specifically for outpatient on-call care and for inpatient care of type 1 DM. She also established the initiation of insulin pump therapy in Dhahran Health Center. 

She has received multiple awards for multiple campaigns including obesity and diabetes. She published an article about hypocalcemic seizures in infants due to vitamin D deficiency and was an expert member for the review of growth hormone therapy and treatment in children. Suzan's biggest motivation and aspiration were her two children with Type 1 DM that she cared for throughout the learning process and into their teenage lives. 

She has retired from her medical career and has indulgently set out to acquire knowledge for holistic wellness. She has now become an Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor & a Neuro Linguistic Program practitioner. Using her background experience of western medicine combined with the East Indian healing system, Ayurveda & NLP, she has been able to free her self from dis-Ease as well. 

With new experiences behind her, she has attended many workshops that have contributed to her transformation. Her mission is to help women who want to reclaim their lives, to glow & flow and regain their health, joy, and happiness from within. She believes that supporting women's health and happiness is at the core of health and happiness for children because it provides an opportunity for a brighter future for the next generation and society at large.

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