Friday, December 21, 2018

Book Review: Piku and Veeru: A Fan-Actor Drama Priyanka Agarwal

Piku and Viru is an evocative account of Piyanjali Kumari's numerous attempt to meet model Vian Rustom. And finally, she does. But is the man who is always filling her dreams with lust and love, does he really exist? Is the man of her dreams a mirage?

Priyanka Agarwal has simplicity in the way she writes. Agarwal's tale is told simply and explores the emotions a woman goes through when she meets the man of her dreams and who is far out of her reach.

Set in the media background, this tale could have been anyone. A young teenager dreaming to meet her screen heartthrob. Most of the times such dreams mellow down to teenage fancies. But not with Piku. She met the man and got the chance to get closer to him. Agarwal has brought out the insecurities of a common (wo)man in the presence of a personality. What I appreciated here was the blending of both the emotions was subtle. When the quotients changed and when realization filtered in, are all very subtly written.

Narrated in the first person, keeping in view of only Piku limits the exploration of the characters since not once is Viru's personal emotions brought into focus. In that way, I would not call this book a romance but rather a chicklit. An emotional exploration of a woman's feeling upon following her heart. And I really think that is the best think about this book. This is no wilting violet. Piyanjali is a woman of today.

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