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Ariya has the assignment of photographing the hotshot vet, Veer. The moment she saw him riding, his muscles flexing and his hair flying, she knew she has met a man who would be hard to forget. Of course, sparks fly from the moment she meets him and she finds out that he is the best assignment she could have asked for. Ariya's life changes into a roller coaster life as she is kidnapped along with him and she also learns to conquer some of her darkest fears in the days she stays with Veer. Veer's love is very subtle, In fact, this book of P. G Van surprised me. The love story grows emotionally with as the story progresses.  Ariya has many shades in this story. To the self-confident photographer to being a vulnerable daughter. 
Both the characters, Veer and Ariya are well developed. Even the friends have a role to play and I find that very important in a story. But if I had to choose my favorite it would be Ariya. She had all the shades of life in her. I liked the way she displayed vulnerability and it did come as a surprise to me when the story took this sudden turn. On the other hand, Veer could have shown a bit more emotion. I felt Ariya was the one strong woman whereas Veer had taken a backstep to her. But then all strong female tends to do that to a man. 

The best part of this book for me was the introduction of Veer. 

"It was a marvelous sight, and there was no denying the beauty of the man and the beast as they rode through the rain. The man had thick, long, dark hair that was drenched but bounced on his broad shoulders as he enjoyed his ride."

 The rest you must read to find out. :)

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