Tuesday, September 4, 2018

When Preethi Venugopala Interviews Me, it's a treat

Do you know what's the toughest thing I encounter after those love scenes that I write? Interviews. A few years ago, after Finding the Angel was released someone asked me how do I manage to write them. I mean, I am a good-natured, homely, on the plum side housewife - so how can I write a love scene where my heroine is suave, sexy and er - lanky? I laughed and said, "Baby, but in my mind, I am all those and more."

Thank god we writers are blessed with one heck of an imagination. We do have a wild side even if we are homely, towards the plum side (I refuse to utter the word fat). 

I met Preethi Venugopala on the Amazon Bestseller list. Her books started coming up one after the other and soon I came to know this warm person who is a wonderful writer. I have read her one book,  The Princess and the Superstar and fell in love with her work. Now all her books are on my TBR, so be ready to be bombarded with reviews. 

So chatting with her was fun and I do hope you guys like it as much as I did answering her questions. 

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A snippet of the Interview:

What are the three tips you have for readers of this interview who are aspiring writers?

1) Write. Write. Just write.
2) Everyone is ready with an advice, do what your heart wants. Research and then find your path. Don’t copy others blindly.
3)  Read More... :D

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At September 4, 2018 at 2:15 AM , Blogger Sundari Venkatraman said...

Awesome!!! I know exactly what you mean about writing those steamy loves being the way we are ;)

At September 4, 2018 at 2:33 AM , Blogger The Book Club said...

:P You know recently we met I met a stranger and she asked me I am so romantic in my real life. I asked her do you think Grisham keeps on killing people? Why are we then boxed into such heights of emotions. I can't have it any other way and neither can you. We write romance because we are love reading romance.


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