Saturday, September 22, 2018

Episode 1: My Journey To Stay Fit

Week One: 22nd September
Name: Rubina Ramesh
Weight at the beginning of my this journey: 97kg.
Height: 5Ft. 
Weight on 22nd Septemeber: 90kg 
Next Realistic Goal Post: 87kg
Purpose of this post: Asking others to join in my weight loss challenge. 

Losing my weight is the hardest decision I have taken till today. I don't even know if I can do it. But I have decided to record my journey. It's going to be difficult and I will need your help too. Add a cheer for me when you can. 

The things I have realized before I started out are:
1. I need to be accountable.
2. I need to record my steps.
3. I have to understand that I am fat. 
4. I should not be ashamed of myself. I am fat, not a criminal. 
5. I need to lose weight not to please others but to stay healthy. 
6. I need to look sexy in my picture -- stop that snicker right now. 
7. I need to fit inside that pink salwar suit which I had bought on my last trip to India. I had on purpose bought two sizes smaller. I loved that so much that I wanted to buy it even if it was not available in my size. That was two years ago. I will post the pic of that salwar suit when I achieve my goal to get inside that. 

What made me what to start this journey:

1. One night, my heart skipped a beat and I couldn't breathe. That scared the hell out of me. My BP shot to 218/94 and I knew trouble was around the corner. 

2. One day I went out with my husband for dinner. Met a colleague of his who looked shocked upon seeing me and thinking why was married to an older woman. Ok, this is an exaggeration. But I felt that. :D

3. My kids still need me and I have no desire to see my hubby enjoying his life on earth while I was floating in the clouds. 

4. I want to look good - for myself. 

What all am I doing:

  1. I am not eating carbs. 
  2. I am not eating oily food.
  3. I am not taking sugar or any form of sweets. 
  4. I am only eating a protein-rich diet. 
  5. I have joined the gym.
  6. My main poisons are Treadmill,  Ab Coaster, Ab crunch bench, Ab roller for a week now. I will continue the same next week too before changing my routine. 
  7. Drinking loads of water. And no juices. Just no juices. 


I love hiking



  1. Great going, Rubina! I specifically endorse the 3rd point under 'what made you start this journey' .... hehehe!

  2. RIGHT!!! You have inspired me, yet again.
    I have cut down the size of my meals; I don't eat after 8 pm at least 6 days of the week. Now going to make that 7 pm. 6000-8000 steps walk in a day. Will increase that to 10K by the end of one month. I was 96.6 Kg two months back and have been that weight since years. Now I weight 94.3 Kg. Height - 5'2" Let's compare notes by October 22. Purpose of losing weight: Health - YES. Want to look good in photos, especially on the back flap of my paperbacks (Inspired by Nora Roberts)

  3. You inspired me through your post Rubina. I've been trying to loose that extra 20 kgs I gained after pregnancy, but I lack motivation. I tried many exercises & quit within 1st week itself. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am the laziest creature on earth. But I will try... just for myself. So that I can go for shopping and feel happy in those medium size clothes. Right now I am 73 kgs & 5 ft, and i am hoping to shred atleast 3 kgs in coming weeks. Thanks again for this wonderful idea of sharing weight loss journey & making it a fun process. Much love & Good luck!

  4. Bravo.... I personally want every woman to have the same attitude.... I have the same and you inspired me more. Love you.

  5. All the best Rubina. Persistence and determination are key factors for success.

  6. Wow, Rubina, that’s inspiring. I have been trying to reduce my post pregnancy weight ( As a rule I lose weight during pregnancy and gain once the baby is out :) ) but instead of losing I’m gaining. Cutting portions isn’t helping because if I cut any more I will starve. And I workout too weekly 3 to 4 times minimum - walking and yoga are my favorites. I am thinking of checking my thyroid and vitamin d ( don’t think d will be any low with all the sunlight we bask in) .
    All the best for your journey. Looking forward to reading your updates to a healthier version of yourself.

  7. Bravo girl ... keep it up ... All the best ��

  8. I had a health scare in June this year (2018). Since then I have moved to a whole grain based balanced diet. Not cutting out any food groups, but controlling portions, balancing food groups and working out.

    I was 82kg at 5'10" ( underweight :) ). I have lost 2 kg since through a combination of diet ( above) and walking, running, biking 6bdays a week.

  9. Wow Rubina. Now you have inspired me to do something about my weight too. A trip to the doctor last week has alarmed me too. I have already started walking daily. Gym is really not my thing. I would rather play badminton. Also dietary intake is very careful now with no fries, no sugar .

  10. This is inspiring for me! All the best!

  11. Bravo! All the very best to you on your journey. Hope we get to see that pink salwar kurta soon!!

  12. Bravo. All the best Rubina. I'm quite overweight and at times, when I can't match the energy of the toddler, I feel like it is time I start being accountable for my health. But the motivation is very short lived. I'm following your journey closely so that I finally feel inspired to join in.

  13. This is wonderful and very candid, Rubina. You are on the right track and I am cheering you to the goal post.

  14. I so get your third point!! I am overweight too at 80 kg, 5'2". I am going to restart my weight loss program again and I intend to lose atleast 2 kg per month. I am a foodie and I can't be without eating! I am thinking of alternative healthier foods for my cravings..

  15. Kudos to you, Rubina! It is important to stay healthy and therefore, achieve as close to healthy weight as possible!

    Love your no.6 under the things you realized before you started out! All the best. I am sure you will accomplish your goals!