Saturday, June 23, 2018

Review of Rising from The Ashes. Review by Dola Basu Singh

Intriguing short read

Loved this unique take on the age-old Purana story. The writer has created a fictional character to justify the grey areas, which I found innovative. The writing is fluid, making this story an engaging, quick read.

Review by Dola Basu Singh

Our books are often discussed. But we authors don't seem to have any right to discuss the reviews. Reviews that mean a life to us for it not only connects us with our readers but also with our own stories. As seen from other's viewpoint. And viewpoint might vary. That's perfectly fine. Each review makes me understand my stories better and helps me grow as a writer. 

Rising from the Ashes was initially written as a prequel to my Knitted Tales 2 but after the influx of short stories, I have decided to make this into a short novella. My stories are fictional but with bits of truth in it. One thing I have noticed. Every mythological story has those grey areas where we don't have any reasoning. My stories start there. From that point where logic does not come in. A series of mythological fiction coming your way. All from my imagination.. or are they?

The first in the series is FALLING IN LOVE WITH CUPID.  Coming Soon.
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