Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Review of Lolita: Reviewed by Sundari Venkatraman

Sundari Venkatraman Reviews

This is the first of the “Bad Girl series” by the author. Dying of curiosity, I bought the book the moment it was released on Amazon.

After reading the book, I realized that this was one character that I would have loved to create as an author myself.

Lolita aka Lalita hails from my hometown of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and that was another plus in her favor. The young woman has dreams of becoming the star of Bollywood and goes along with a stranger all the way from Kumbakonam to Mumbai, completely unaware of what awaits her there.

What I liked about Lolita was that she was honest enough to take responsibility for her actions.

The story begins with a bang when an accident occurs during the first meeting between Lolita and Advait.

The relationship between the two of them sparks almost immediately but takes time to build. The story is as real as it could be with both the protagonists sporting varied shades of grey in their characters.

I especially liked the rapport between Advait’s little girl and the diva of the silver screen.
I must say the author has come a very long way since she began with her first book, which was itself 5-star material.

VERDICT: Lolita does win the readers’ hearts

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